October 9, 2012

Fighting for the life!

Just right now we returned from an orphanage and I again sit down at the computer that to ask you all about an URGENT prayer request. Our hearts are broken and overwhelmed... We feel so helpless.It`s so heartbreaking and heavy, sweet Friends...

This lovely boy terribly suffers and suffers in awful pains from spasms. Sometimes two caretakers should feed him. So awfully his body poses from spasms. He doesn't talk and doesn't react on anything. Bogdan has many various diseases. Suffering from pain and alone, day after day, day after day, hour after an hour, he spends in this bed.He looks at 5-6 years old. But already 10 years this sweet boy fights for the life!!!
His organism doesn't accept food, which cook for all children. The special baby food is necessary for him. We ask the Lord about mercy to this precious kid. What to help, though it is somehow simple to survive...

Dear Friends, Bogdan is in VERY serious critical condition now, he is slowly dying...Mother left him, got tired from this "burden" having left him to die in a mental institution. The father unable to care of his kid.  Doctors make a helpless gesture and nobody can help... Oh, dear Lord Jesus, please, be mercy to this child...
At present he is in hospital in resuscitation department. He feels a bit better. But he still is in hospital. Please, pray! With tears in eyes, we request you to pray...Please become together with us in prayer fight for this precious soul.

Also we warmly ask you, probably someone wishes to take part in life of this lonely boy and to rescue him. It is necessary the sponsor or several.., wishing to support life of this kid, monthly. On a necessary food and other needs. Every $10-20-30-50... are very much appreciated! Once time gift  is great blessing also!Just leave a message to us that this blessing is to Bogdan.Thanks!

His life is in Jesus precious hands.Every his breathing is in careful and wonderful hands of our Heavenly Father. Every day and every minute on the account. The help is urgently necessary to Bogdan! Especially we beg you, pray!Fervently and diligently pray, that the Lord prolonged life of this poor boy and released him from awful pains and spasms.
Thank you all for love and care!!!

For more information, please email bibleorphanministry@mail.ru


  1. We will be praying for him. God certainly knows all about him. Lord bless,

  2. Alla,
    You do not know me, but I follow the blog and FB updates for BOM. My heart is crying as I read this post of yours about this precious boy. We returned home from Ukraine in March. We adopted a little boy with many many medical needs (blindness, cleft palate, intestinal abnormalities). He is almost 7 years old but came home from his institution weighing right under 20lbs (the size of a one year old). He stomach lining was ate up with differennt bacteria. That along with his cleft palate and abnormal esophagues made eating the puree blended food difficult and painful. We live in South Dakota but are moving to CAlifornia to a hospital that can better meet our son's medical needs. I say all that to say, I know the Lord spared our son's life. My heart breaks over seeing this small child. Do you know if he is available for adoption? May the Lord bless you as you work to share the good news of Jesus Christ to the precious fatherless in Ukraine.
    In Christ,
    e mail mikemistyanna@yahoo.com
    family blog http://family-risse.blogspot.com
    adoption blog http://walkingbyfaithadoption.blogspot.com

    1. Oh, Misty, it`s awful what it was necessary to suffer to your sweet boy. This is really God's miracle that he could survive having so many medical needs!

      Thanks, for letting us to know that one less orphan in Ukraine.Thank you, to save him and giving him a chance to live!

      I`m not sure that he is available for adoption. :(
      I let you know, when I will find out something about it.

  3. Praying for Bogdan, whose name means "gift of God"...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Thank you, dear friend!You are right about meaning of his name.

  4. I'm praying for this sweet boy.

    Have you received any money for him yet?

    Thank you dear friend for all you do!

    God Bless,
    Ashley in Colorado

    1. Oh, thank you very much, Ashley!

      Yes, we have $140 for him.God is good!

      God bless you too!


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