October 22, 2012

Teenager boys received the blessings!

We are so thrilled and so amazed by God`s love and mercy!Thank you very much to you all for your such great care, love and support of our dear teenagers. We are soooo grateful for ALL your donations and generousity!Thank your open hearts we could to raise $875 to bless 4 poor teenagers in their needs.It`s simply amazing how God cares and shows His love to them!Thank you so much!Praise God!!!!

We were able to buy absolutely ALL necessary clothes and shoes!Yay!God surprisingly blessed so that we could save and on this money to buy them sport suits and gum shoes that was very necessary for them in trade school also. And also we could buy them room slippers. Such small, but a necessary thing they also unable to get. Boys were very glad to all things and warmly thanked. It overwhelmed our hearts, when we heard their prayers of gratitude to Lord Jesus. "Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you that you sent us such kind people that helped us with our needs...".
 Here are some pictures.
 All boys received warm trousers for winter time.
 Winter beautiful and warm jackets, caps, scarf and  room slippers.
sweaters and sport suits
underwear, socks, warm gloves and other kind of trousers.
Denis in his new jacket

and all dear teenager guys with their new clothes.
with new winter boots.
God is so good!We are so happy for these sweet boys!Praise the Lord!

I thought you may be interested to see it...Here it is a little about their life in a dormitory. This dormitory looks very poor.

This broken locker doesn't close.
 Therefore someone thought up something like the lock.Simply bent nail on two screws.
It is small as though a place where to cook to eat... These are two collapsing bedside tables. A place for storage of products. There it was empty. :(
 The awful worn mattresses on which guys sleep. A board they lie in order that the mattress didn't move, when they sleep. So we were explained by children.
Also in the middle of a bed, which are many years, children lay down a board (if it will be possible to find) that would be more convenient to sleep and the back hurt. Because the metal grid very much caves in and then the back during time or after a dream hurts.These beds very much are unsteady. If you sit down, it seems that you would fall down.
 It is the door lock in their entrance door in the room. The administration of trade school told that children should change this lock for own money. Hmm...Interestingly, how they are able to do it, if they have nothing to eat and dress? Such strange rule. Instead of that what to help these poor kids so they still should repair everything for their money (without having them), what they didn't break.That is not right...
It seems, that here the lock already changed many time.
The tiny corridor, where are many rooms
Children have no own bathroom and a shower, where to be washed. If I correctly understood, so there one shower on all floor.

It sadly having seen it. These guys should to survive, as that, what to keep the things and that somehow to "improve" conditions of the room.

We are so grateful to all of you, sweet friends, for your amazing support, wonderful care and God`s love to these our precious teenagers.Thanks a lot for your spreading the word, prayers, to blog and your gifts of love.Many thanks, that you by your kindness showed God's care and love to orphans and helped with their many necessities.You not only helped with their needs but blessed them young hearts. It`s such a great joy, joy, joy!THANK YOU!!!!Please remember about them in the prayers.God bless you!


  1. It is so wonderful that your ministry cares for these ones that have nothing.Showing love and compassion in time of need is shining the light of Jesus in the darkest of places.Keeping you in prayer!~Amy

    1. Oh, thank you, Amy!And thanks a lot for prayers!

  2. Alla,
    We are in the process of a major move and can not help until mid Nov. But could you tell me how much it would be to replace lock, mattresses/bed? Maybe we could let the need be known and we could all chip in to help. ~Trina Scoda

    1. Trina, thank you a lot for your support and concern!

      We thought also about helping them with mattresses.
      The lock costs, probably about $10.00.With mattresses I do not know yet, how much it would cost for 4 of them.Probably about $65.00 or little more.
      I`m sure they would be very happy by these blessings also.

  3. How wonderful! They look so happy.
    *Praying for these young men and for this ministry.*


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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