October 29, 2012

God takes care!

Somewhere about two weeks ago here, I told to you that the Lord made a real miracle. Also I was going to share with you later, when everything will be made. And so at last, I can share with you about that how God cares of orphans and hears prayers of the children.

We have here many needs... But some of them were VERY urgent because of a season and getting cold. Our hearts were broken and we couldn't stay indifferent to needs of 4 teenagers, who had no necessary clothes. Thank God, today they have winter clothes and footwear, thanks to your donations.We are so excited for them!
 Also we worry and we pray about girls with special needs that to bless them with winter jackets.We have already $545!Awesome! Thank you very much!

In addition we have a big difficulty with our missionary van. Please pray!

And still it was necessary to help immediately to a mental institution with medicines about which they asked us to help. We had only 10-14 days to help.

 And some these needs  were in past and some are STILL the urgent. In total that we could, it to kneel and beg God about mercy and about a miracle. Our hearts were broken and we didn't know how to help...  We prayed and in one-two days God answered and made a miracle, having sent us amount of money EXACTLY what was necessary to help mental institution, where are boys with special needs.
  We were so glad and impressed, God sent to us exactly this amount of money! God knows everything and cares of precious orphans, knowing their many needs. 

It`s funny that the same day, we were going to ask you about this help.I already sat down for computer to bloging about that. But I decided to check out our account. I could not believe my very own eyes! We were so impressed and amazed that we hadn't to do it and the Lord already sent!Wow!
Thus, we immediately acquired and could provide a flue vaccine, to dear boys with special needs. Orphanage do this every year, that protect children against catch cold, flu etc. And it helps. But this year the mental institution couldn't pay for it, and asked us. We were so glad that the Lord cares and sends all necessary. And it was enough!We paid $550 for vaccine.

Praise the Lord!Praise the Lord!Praise the Lord who still do miracles today!!!Our God is awesome!

I`m going share with you about much more miracles.So, please, coming back soon! :)

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