September 3, 2012

The family is saved!

Look at this precious baby and beautiful mommy!They are saved from street life!We are so excited and soooo happy for them!

 This such young family has hope, future, joy and faith.Oh, my goodness!Can you believe that they have a roof over heads?They feel and see astonished God`s love and His tender care.
These teens not  afraid more and don't think, where they will spend the next night. They in the safe and nice and snug apartment. They are so happy that they have hot water and a place where to sleep!Sasha and Olya are so thankful that you helped them in renting  this beautiful apartment and saved them.They LOVE this apartment and so excited!
We are so thrilled that 3 dear souls are saved from the street life and nightmares!
We are SO grateful to all for your prayers and donations!We are so thankful to taking a part in their lives and to rescued them from horrible and stressful days.Thank you!Thank you!Thank you so much!Thank you to open your such kindness hearts and showing to them, WHAT God can do through His wonderful and amazing love!!!You are awesome!

We have one more wonderful blessing that is connected with this sweet family.Yesterday Sasha said at church, that he would like to be saved from hell, to be child of God and become Christian.We were so surprised to hear that!Wow! How amazing is our Lord Jesus!
I believe, Friends, that your great kindness and surprised God`s love, helped him become a Christian.Through your care, he saw Jesus Christ. :)

Sasha and Olechka are so young family, mother and father, wife and husband.They both stay as children ABSOLUTELY NOT prepared for adult life.They both are so young Christians and it is necessary to learn so many, and so many and so many life skills.Please, remember them in your prayers.Also pray, we can raise enough for renting of their the apartment.As we are far away from our goal yet.Thanks a lot!


  1. Such good news! Sasha and Olya look like very loving and devoted parents! I am so thankful they have the help and friendship of BOM. Although they are young, with your help and instruction, they will learn how to live good lives as responsible adults.

    More good news! Alla, did you get my email about finding LOTS of new children's warm clothes on sale? Great bargains! And I found more today! So lots of boxes will be coming soon, with jackets, coats, warm shirts and more!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 teens from EE

    1. Yes, we like, that they both listen and obey when we tell them something.It is such fun to see and observe how they teach one other, the same things, what we teach them.

      Oh, Susan, you are so kind!Thanks so much for your care of orphans!Yes, I received your email and was going to respond.I will do it as soon as I can.

  2. @ Susan, I have wanted to send things to UA, but it was terribly expensive. How are you sending your things to them? Can you give me any hints and tips on sending this to UA for a cheaper price? ~Trina Scoda (you can e-mail me @

    It is so exciting to see what God is doing!!!!

    1. I have also wondered how to cost-effectively ship to UA. When I looked into it last, i found that even if i found items for free and ship them, it would still be a better deal to just send Alla the money and have her buy the things there. So tips would be wonderful!
      Ashley in Colorado

  3. Hi, Trina-

    Yes, it is little pricy. Sometimes people who are adopting can take things over, but last time, I just used US Mail. This next batch will also go by mail, but by ground rate and in (at least) two batches. There is a special form that has to be filled out and fixed on the side of the box so it can clear customs as a gift, and you also have to list the value of the goods (I used what I'd actually paid for the items - all were on sale).

    I figure I got such a good deal on this last "find" that my savings can be applied to the postage!

    Check with your local post office and see what they tell you. Unfortunately, "flat rate" boxes only work within the US.


    1. Oh, if I had only keep reading I wouldn't have replied to Trina.:) oops! no need to re-reply. Thanks for the info!
      Ashley in Colorado

  4. I do not were any of you live but this is how you should ship to Ukraine or Russia. It is much cheaper than USPS.

    Meest ships by sea so packages can take 8 -10 weeks for arrival.

    A 60 LB box runs about $45 from the Seattle office. I have shipped 100’s of boxes and never had a problem. I always pack in U-hall medium or large flat rate boxes.

    See the link to see if there is a office near you,


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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