October 28, 2012

About Jonah to orphans

Dear Friends, God is doing just amazing things here! I`m so excited to tell you but in the next posts. :)
My soul sings and exults! I have very much to tell you.Therefore return here soon. :)

But here I would like to tell you about a lovely meeting that we had last week with children.
We so rejoice of each meeting and possibility to tell to orphans about the Lord, about His love, about great Bible heroes and wonderful miracles that are described in the Bible, in this amazing book.

This time we had a possibility to tell to precious orphans the Bible story about the prophet Jonah. About that as he tried to run away and hide from the Lord and what as a result turned out.

After we recalled last stories by means of pictures (they made it perfectly), we studied with our dear ones the song about Jonah with gestures.
As the craft took time a little more, we decided to divide into two parts. Therefore in the beginning they colored  by color pencils of the Jonah and scissored out. The picture was double-sided therefore children also spliced it among themselves.

I think it was a good preparatory part to the main. Then after telling the story and animated cartoon viewing, we played game to  reinforce knowledges.

They very much liked to fish! Each fish was numbered. Which fish they will catch, on that question and responded.
They were very excited!!!
Between fishes were also a crab, starfish and a crawfish. Nadya  excellently explained a distinction between it and difference.
Then we studied the Bible verse."For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments."(1John5:3(a))KJV
 Jonah didn't obey of God in the beginning and escaped from Him as many of you know this wonderful story. Therefore God wants that we showed the love to Him obedience and execution of His commandments or judgements.Children know, if you love God, you shall to conform his commandments . :)

After that we repeated with them song already learned in the beginning and continued the second part of the craft.

Here it was necessary for our kiddies the Jonah that they scissor out before, to place in the middle folded double a tracing-paper and to splice edges. Then to scissor out two parts of a whale from construction paper (we printed before), to place Jonah in belly of the whale and the edge to splice among themselves.
Thus the Jonah was in belly of huge fish and could move. Children were simply delighted and are much impressed! "Look, my Jonah can move in belly of the whale", they cried out. :)
They loved very much this carfts!!!
Also on the craft, there was verse that we learned.
Orphans in orphanages got used, what they do all at lessons(any project), they leave it to the teacher. Some children started to come for the first time to Bible lessons this year and couldn't believe that they can take away this project with themselves and it doesn't need to leave to teacher. "Really? Wow! I can take it with myself!" Joyfully jumping, kids cried out.

Do you know that orphans lay down the crafts under pillows and to sleep with it??? They know that it belongs to them and that is why they enjoy projects.

At the end of meeting we congratulated those who had Birthday, having reminded that the Lord remembers them special day even if all forgot about it. Oh, how they were glad and excited! You would see their shining and happy eyes!

Precious kiddies that only started come to our meetings couldn't to believe that this gift belongs to them and they can enjoy it. "Really? Is it right? I can leave it to myself?" It was necessary to convince long of that, it is gift from Lord Jesus and from this day belongs to them. I think that some of them for the first time in life received these gifts... "Yes! It`s amazing! Yay! I have a gift!" They cried out with delight.

"Wow!That is so beautiful car!"
Sasha kissed and huged us hundreds times! "Look! Look everybody at me!I have a goldfish!" He was simply amazed and so impressed with the gift! So sweet kid. ;)
It was probably the most surprising part of our meeting. Children were so impressed with the gifts. O, my goodness!They jumped, shouted, rejoiced, showed each other their blessings.It was so sweet and heartwarming to see and hear their admiration.
PRAISE THE LORD!!!!That He grants so MUCH pleasure, joy and delight to the poor orphaned children, deprived of all this.


  1. *How Wonderful!* The Bible study lesson and craft is quite impressive. :) The boys' response to receiving a little gift makes me smile. It is so different than children here in the USA. I pray that they all feel the warmth of God's love everyday. So precious. :)

    1. Thank you, for the nice words and prayers! :)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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