October 4, 2012

The sunshine in our hearts

 It is beautiful in Ukraine and the trees are beginning to change colors.The leaves are orange and red and yellow over here. They are starting to fall.It is getting cold over here a bit and rain often.I love my country and thank God I was born here! :)
Trees didn't change color yet completely as will be in some days. But nevertheless it is beautiful!Our wonderful Creator painted trees at gold color and it`s become so beautiful everywhere you go.Heart misses a beat and bewitches spirit from the beauty, what He created. Our Lord surprising, all-powerful and such gorgeous artist!

Would You like to buy a water-melon on the road or may be onions there? Or any fruit else or vegetable, you are welcome. :)
 The Lord blessed generously Ukraine with mushrooms this year. In the woods there are a lot of it! People that somehow to earn, mushroom and sell. Many mushrooms are simply huge sizes!
 Even if today there was no sunny day, but cloudy. Even if there was no bright sunny day and the blue sky, we had magnificent day. We had a sunlight in our hearts that Jesus, our Lord and the Savior gives us. With great pleasure and a sunlight in our hearts, the Lord gave the chance to us to give warm and love to those who needs it, to those who thirsts for it and suffers from a lack of attention and loneliness.

 With huge joy we could help medicines, to boys from a mental institution.We bought different medications that it was most necessary to help for boys to strengthen their health, immune system, and also against virus, at cold etc. Also for those at whom a problem with a gastroenteric path and food indigestion.
 The doctor was very glad and warmly thanked for attention and care!Praise the Lord!
 Also one more wonderful blessing was that we could bring trousers that we bought earlier, to all precious boys. Thank God that He cares of orphans!What a joy!
But the greatest blessing for us was, when we could be with children and spend with them time, sharing God`s love, joy and our warm.Even the light touch, brings them pleasure and a smile upon the face. Children were soooo glad to the meeting!
They so liked puppets and "communication" with them. They were simply delighted, when could take by the hand and greet or say goodbye.
So much joy!

Children were simply amazed, when could have hold of  bow and shoot. There was so much delight, pleasure and surge in emotions!!!Wow! You would see their happy faces!

Sad one :(
 In the end the box of candies to our darling children.
The boys are the sunshine in our hearts.It`s such a blessing to see smiles and happy faces, their delight, admiration and joy.We are so blessed to have the opportunity to visit them.God is so good!

We so thankful for your support and prayers!Thank your faithful donations, great care and Christ love, God gives us chance to visit these God`s treasures and bring hope to them.Thank you very much, sweet friends!Hugs and love to all! :)

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