August 3, 2012

Saving lives from the street

The most of you know about our dear teenagers, Sasha and Olya who today have no housing where to live and who are rejected and neglecting their relatives. Which not only to see but hear about them don't want. Can you imagine what now in the hearts of this young couple?What they can feel having spent many years since the childhood in a orphanage, without having found understanding and hope, protection and love. All what they can feel, it is pain, defenselessness, helplessness, bitterness, offense, loneliness, sufferings, fear, hopelessness and much and much more... How to be? where to go for the help? To whom to address?They suffer and survive... It is just breaks our hearts.

Today these kids actually are on the street, without having housing and means of livelihood. BOM each time at a meeting with them, buys food to this young couple.We know and believe many of you pray for them, knowing their troubles.

 Dear friends, it is VERY HUGE problem with which these children faced! Our desire is to help these helpless teenagers. Our prayer and plead to Lord Jesus to rescue these dear children from awful street life. For today is a one solution, it to help them to rent the one-room apartment, where they can live and not worry about where it to spend the night and find a lodging for the next day. Where they in tranquillity can create the small nest, loving and caring of their precious baby Edik.

We believe with all our hearts we can help them with God`s help and mercy, Who cares and loves orphans.Those who follow our ministry for a long time, know how many miracles, God created by His kindness and great love.Because He is good and is all-powerful! He is alive God and the Creator of all visible and invisible! He is wonderful and awesome!!!

We need to raise $3465 that to help them.This amount for a year.Where these funds will go. We can find here to rent an one-room apartment for $175 for a month.It`s cheapest price here. So, $2100 it is for a year. Just once necessary to pay to agency for a service 50% from a sum for an apartment, it is $87.5

When we find an apartment I will post a picture here, on the blog. That you can see where Sasha and Olya will be to live.

The rest funds is help to Sasha to pay for his reaching and coming back by bus to his job, it`s $3.75 a day.He has found a job several days ago and would earn around $150 for a month. We hope that Sasha will have a salary EVERY month. Sometimes people here not get payment 3-4 months and more...They of necessity often change a work.

If Sasha would pay for his road, he will have only $52.5 on hands for a month, to feed his family from 3 persons, what is unreal and unable.

And the rest funds from the amount is fee for the chip-in.It takes about 3.2%.

So, $2100 is rent an apartment.The $87.5 is once payment to agency. The $1170 payment for the road to Sasha`s work.The rest is fee.

Please, will you join to this urgently matter to saving these dear souls from street life?Please, will you help to feel and see God`s love and care to these our dear teens, Sasha and Olya?Every seed of your faith of involvement, kindness and little bit help is VERY helpful!

If we don't help, this young mother with her darling and dear newborn sonny are forced to live on the street and to wander everywhere... And to him after all, only month from the birth. The roof over the head and gentle care,  peace and calm is necessary to this precious baby.

It`s URGENTLY, Friends!Together we CAN rescue them from street and nightmares, the 3 loved souls!

We would be SO thankful, if you share about this need, everywhere it is possible.On social networks, via emails, on your blogs, with your family members, friends, church, etc. PLEASE, spread about this need and pray, pray, pray.God can do a miracle!Thank you soooo much, dear Friends!!!

Please, use chip-in on the right side of our blog.Or you can go to  and send donation also.It would save funds from fee.Whatever is best for you, we will be very grateful!Many thanks and hugs!

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