October 21, 2012

Update about precious Bogdan

Yesterday the Lord gave the chance to us to visit a mental institution for boys with special needs. They were so glad to see us! Pulled hands, only to greet, hug, joy of the meeting!What a joy!

But now I would love to ask you all to continue to pray for precious Bogdan. He feels better and he is not in hospital but in a mental institution. But he continues to be in VERY serious condition. Awful spasms twisted his small and thin body in awful poses. It is terrible to see, friends! It is impossible to look at his awful sufferings without tears... Simply heart is squeezed seeing his terrifying pains, and sufferings. It hurts and breaks heart to see how this sweet and poor boy fights for life. His eyes are full of sufferings and tears, from an agony and pains. He AWFULLY suffers...

We plead Jesus Christ about favor and mercy to this poor orphan. We beg Jesus to set free from these awful and terrible pains and sufferings... We pray that God, his Heavenly Father and the wonderful Creator would do his will in life of this desolate heart... Tears, simply bitterness and disappointment tears...I do not know...I simply do not know how he can be STILL ALIVE so suffering...

Thanks a LOT to all for your generosity and kindness! Thanks dear friends, for your prayers, care and love to precious Bogdan.Look what your love can do!
 Thanks to your donations we could buy a necessary food to improve his digestion and that it would strengthen his health...PLEASE, please, keep pray for this dear precious soul!Many thanks!God bless!


  1. Alla,
    Do you know what is causing the pain and spasms? Praying for this sweet boy.
    Lord Bless,

    1. Misty,the doctor explained to us that between a brain and a skull bone, there is a cover that is responsible for work of all internal organs. This cover rots and he slowly dies.I so understood, it is a cerebral cortex.
      He has something wrong in brain... Also it is the reason of his convulsive awful spasms.
      So she was explained by other doctors in hospital and they can make nothing.

  2. I wonder if severe calcium deficiency might be causing these terrible spasms...is there a doctor at the orphanage who might be able to diagnose what's going on with poor Bogdan?? I, too, am praying for him. No child should have to suffer like this...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Hmm. I also thought of it...
      I don't know or this doctor can define the reason of Bogdan`s sufferings. In mental institution there are no special devices, etc. The doctor explained to us that he has a brain problem, it is rotting... I explained Misty, see above. Thanks for prayers, Susan.

  3. ~*~ Praying for this precious boy. ~*~


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