October 11, 2012

The help urgently is necessary to teenagers!

We are VERY excited and we exult, because Lord Jesus answered our prayer and created a real miracle!God is soooo good! But I will share with you a little later, when everything will be made  to the end :)

But right now I want to tell you about teenagers, who suffer a lot and need our help VERY urgently, friends. About whom our hearts hurt and worry. About whom our hearts are broken completely...Our hope and trust is Lord Jesus, Who sees their needs and is capable to help them. Who loves them more than we can think. And Who wishes to make a miracles and in their lives and to bring perfect pleasure and glory to His precious name.

Do you see these sweet guys?I`m talking about them.From the left to the right Dima, Vitya and Zhenya...

We had possibility to visit these teenagers recently. They were very glad to see us! We had wonderful friendly  fellowship.Everyone rejoiced!

 This year they graduated an orphanage and got in training school to become builders.

The library hall of this school was given to us for fellowship. It was amusing to see everything. The training school building is the very old. Since Post-Soviet times. It seems that all system, furniture and all the rest was built many years ago and a lot of things still remained.
Here is other side of the library.There are no computers for training at this training school and it seems that all students read all these books.
 This is student's dormitory. Where there is no hot water. And only once a week and if to have the luck that and twice, can take a shower.

 But now I want to ask you to pray diligent for these lovely teenagers and about their needs. These boys at all have NO winter clothes, footwear, socks, caps, a scarf and all the rest. Do you know that those clothes that on them, everything what they have it and wear every day? Some of children have even NO sweaters.Oh, my! And those sweaters that they wear, they borrowed at the friends... Their footwear is very worn and in holes. :(
 They have just ONE bag on all, where they carry writing-books and textbooks. Can you imagine, what they now feel and think, when there is a winter and is already cold?
 They receive a stipend of 270 hryvnias ($33.75) Their parents left them long time ago.. and do not care about them.Some do not have parents.So, how they can live and buy necessary things having such stipend?It`s impossible!

 It breaks our hearts and we plead Jesus Christ to help these poor teenagers...It`s simply heartbreaking...
 So, our desire to help to get the most necessary things for the winter. A winter jacket, footwear, a scarf, a cap, a sweater, underwear, socks etc. We need to raise $825 for 4 children. They ARE STILL 16 years old kids, who need our help and care.
Dear friends, it is already very cold and they already feel cold. Therefore it is very urgent need. We ask you please pray that Lord Jesus would help these poor guys. That God would show the mercy and that He loves and cares of them. If we don't help in time them, they will start to be ill, feel cold and it will bring many other problems.
 Please, can we show together God`s love and his care to these boys?Can we bring together with you a great joy and pleasure to these needy teenagers?

 Dima, Vitya, Zhenya...
 and Denis (who was sick and could not be with us). :(
 need URGENTLY our help, dear our Friends!!!We have VERY short time...

If the Lord gives you desire to help these sweet children, please use the blue chip-in on the right side of our blog. Let Lord Jesus Christ will bless your heart and will bring you pleasure in participation of this need.
We request you kindly to share about this great need everywhere it is possible, on social networks, blogs, e-mails, friends, members of your family etc.Please, pray we can raise necessary funds...We need urgently to help these dear souls.We need miracle.THANK YOU very much for every your step, prayer and a help!!!

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