July 8, 2012

God expands our limits

Dear Friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, our God is awesome and so good!!!I`m so happy and so excited to share with you some blessings we have lately.God hears your prayers and blesses BOM so greatly!
I even don`t know what the first blessing to say. :))) Ok.I will in sequence.

The first.Probably somewhere about a week we had huge traffic on our blog thanks to sister in Christ Susanna! Around thousand people could visit our blog just for TWO days and learn about these poor and neglected boys to whom the help is so necessary.Wow!

The second. As the result we have already some monthly sponsors who have opened the hearts, to be a part of this ministry and to help with needs of these precious boys.
The third. BOM become known worldwide. We have wonderful sponsors now not only in the USA, Canada but also in Australia. Can you believe it? It`s so exciting!

The fourth. Little by little but our ministry grows and extends. For several months already we have a one orphan, the beautiful girl Nastya sponsored by our dear friends.I really love how they said in one e-mail: "Nastya stole our hearts!"
They so deeply love and are correspondence with her! Yes, not just personal needs of these beautiful girl is met but she has such wonderful family, who loves her with all hearts and contacts with her through letters.Such a joy! Thank you, Duffy family!You make a difference in life of this sweet girl!

By the way.We are going to give a list of many children, whom are need sponsors, who not just covered their personal needs but could have contact through correspondence too.I really don`t know when we will do it because for lack of time.It`s huge work.But we really want, pray and believe kids will find those who would love them too. :)

The fifth. One of most our readable posts at one time about a graduated orphan. The traffic was such huge! This is our dear Valya.Do you know that she has a sponsor also? Praise God! 
Our dear sister from Canada so greatly and wonderfully with such huge and kind heart cares about our new sister in Christ.That means Valya is not hungry every day, has necessary clothes and her daily needs are met too.You would see HOW Valya is happy!Awesome!Isn`t it?Thanks a lot, Aidan!

The sixth. Several weeks ago one of graduates of orphanages, accepted Jesus Christ as personal Savior! What a great blessing!!His name is Vova on the picture below.

The seventh. Now Valya and Vova prepare for a baptism and wish will join our Church and to become her part.

The eighth. Where Valya temporarily lives in a dormitory, we met Nadia who is also the orphan, the disabled person and also wishes to become a part of our Church Charity.
So, the three orphans will joined to our Church soon.What an awesome blessing!

We often visit teenagers in a dormitory, it is very small and there a person can live only three months...
 On the picture below from the left to the right is Valya, bro.Misha, Vova, next Vova too and Nadya(who lives with Valya).

Besides that they visit Church services, brother Misha gives Bible meetings with them often.
Vova that in a dark shirt and light jeans, is not saved yet, but he is very much wishes to study the God's Word. He is so close to Jesus Christ's acceptance.Please pray that the Lord helped him to make this most important decision in his life. Thanks!

Well.I think that didn't forget about any else blessing and told you everything.
It`s so awesome to see what God is doing!We are so thrilled and so happy!It is surprising to see, HOW God expands our limits!It`s simply amazing!Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!We cherish EVERYONE of you and a bit of your help is SO much appreciated!!!We love you, Friends!


  1. Tears of joy to read of all of these blessings. Praise God!!

    1. Many thanks sweet Friend!
      "For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name." Psalm 33:21


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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