June 29, 2012

Our dream can come true some day

This blog post is post of great prayer request and faith.This post about worries and troubles.But most important, this post of thinking, many prayers, dreams, joy, peace, seeking of God`s will and much more.I would like to tell you something great and I would love to open my heart before you, beloved our friends.

 I never will forget this awful night. Here I couldn't tell anything to you precisely, as I only received shocking call and it was necessary to go urgently there, on a scene. I could only ask you strongly to pray. It is so wonderful to know and see, how many wonderful brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ prayed for our family.

When we arrived on the scene, I cried, heart was squeezed, I could hardly believe my own eyes, there was a shock and horror, I begged the Lord to stop it... I could not believe that the house burns. I cried and prayed... I couldn't understand why these awful things occur in our family. About 3 months to this awful case, our father died. It was huge shock as he died for few days, doctors fought for his life, but couldn't make it. It was awfully sick and is heartbreaking. I couldn't believe that father died in the face of and instantaneous.I still  often cry, I miss him...Sadly.., we didn't live with him together as one family..,in one home... but I and my sister Oksana, we love him with all our hearts. The single consolation and a joy from the Lord, that he is now with the Lord in Heaven, is consoled and doesn't know grief and diseases and stays with Jesus forever.I wait a day when we will meet him in Heaven again.
 Honestly, I even didn't think that feelings returned again. I write and tears are in eyes, the lump stay in throat.

At that time, when the house of mother burned down, I couldn't understand why the Lord allowed it.I understood that for any purpose... but it was so heavy to understand all this. But for what?The house isn't subject to restoration and to live there not possibly. Residuals of the house suit to demolish it only...

But as Bible says:"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."(Romans 8:28)KJV

Yes! It`s the TRUTH!!! "all things work together for good"! This verse helped me to endure many difficulties in my life. When it was heavy for me, I always returned and said to myself, you shall trust the Lord, all things work together for good, the Lord owes to make something wonderful. And it helped! The Lord made so MANY great and surprising miracles in my life!!!I`m in awe!Our Lord Jesus is SO good and so AWESOME!!!

The house burned down, but near the house there is a part of the land.Do you know that our mother gives this land to us?! It means that we can do there what we want. It means that we can build there the house for street children, for those who has no place to live after an orphanage graduation. It means that our dream can come true a some day! Wow!!!

Yes, this our desire and our burden. We prayed for it many years and decided to forget about it and even crossed out on our blog. Our desire was to create a home to save souls of these teenagers from awful life after the orphanage graduation. That to save them from this, from this and from much more. It seemed unrealizable dream. Honestly, I even stopped praying about it... Until the Lord didn't suppose to me on heart to give this property to Him. This part of the land already belongs to Him. In my heart and a special prayer before Him, I gave to the Lord Jesus, that God realized and created there what He wants what is in His plans and the purposes. I am so glad and excited! Yes, it seems crazy idea without having enough support even for orphanages. Yes, it seems impossible for us, but not for the Lord. Our God is rich and strong, all-powerful and good! We don't know how many will pass months and years while it becomes reality, but we trust.I believe with ALL my heart, excited and have peace in heart!

Yes, it`s huge work, a huge paper work, huge finances, many worries and headaches.But we are excited!It`s little by little, little by little, with God`s help, we would do it.We can build the house there for 10-15 or even 20 children!It would awesome blessing to give roof for those who do not have.It would be such great blessing to give a loving home, protection and care, who are needy.

I will tell to you my small secret. When I became a Christian, for years later I always dreamed and wanted, that on this ground that to make for the Lord. :) At that time I thought, it could be the Christian camp or something another. I didn't know, what exactly, I only had desire. But couldn't make it because it didn't belong to me. Now, it is already real, we know what we want, we have an image and we could make it with the God's help.
But I can't precisely tell, that it is wanted by the Lord. In total that I have and I know. The Lord speaks in His Word Bible, cares of orphans and to provide them a house or roof, wherever possible. I have huge desire to create this house. I don't know when and how it will be, but I have the perfect peace and calm, concerning this question. And I have vision, joy and excited.We see that God shows in our ministry that we should do something for these children, as they often need a help. Please pray together with us, that the Lord opened and showed, whether it is exact in His will. We need to know precisely His will. Because His will is good, acceptable and perfect.

 After orphanage graduation I had many problems besides that I often was undernourished and had no necessary clothes. Thanks to Church and Christians, I rose on feet. Friends, I don`t know, where I would be today and how  lived, if Christians didn't help me with my needs. I`m sure, my life, would be simply a nightmare. I often think about it. And I thank God for those people who helped me in due time. Now this is my desire and BOM dream to help those teenagers who get to similar situations after the orphanage graduation.
We ask you to pray because it`s very big project and it`s a lot of responsibility and we need your help in many prayers.Will you pray with us?

But there is one nuance and trouble we have now.The matter is that our mom lived in the house on two owners. During a fire not only our house suffered, but also partially a part of the house of neighbors.Now neighbors submitted on court to select  the land of mother and to compensate their loss, despite that mother isn't guilty, there was an accident.Guilty of mom is unproven and her fault there absolutely aren't present.

Several months ago, after fire I very much was afraid of it and begged the Lord, that He wouldn't allow, that saved us and there was no court. Everything seemed normally and everything calmed down. But several weeks ago we learned about that, that on July 2 there will be a court. It is so funny to see, how heart and thoughts of the person changes. Before I was afraid, cried, begged God to protect our family from the evil.I begged the Lord that He didn't allow court. I told, the Lord it is not for me, I am not so strong to go through it, I am afraid, I don't know what to do, how to be etc.
Today, I probably even would like that this court would take place and that the Lord put an end to it to everything. Today I am not afraid, I have the perfect peace in heart and even joy. Yes, it not pleasant process etc. But the Lord gives me a peace in heart that helps to suffer and not to think everything of it often. I don't know than it will end and what decision will carry out court. But I already thank the Lord for the peace in heart and I trust that all from the Lord.What decision the court wouldn't carry out , I will accept everything as from the Lord.
We ask you our dear friends, to pray for this court that shall be on July 2 (in two days). That this court was honest and fair on the relation of our family and neighbors.Please, we ask you to support us in many prayers that the Lord would protect us and helped us with the solution of this question. That the Lord would grant to wisdom and blessed process of court. Also that the name of Lord Jesus was glorified through this situation. We pray for salvation of souls of these neighbors that the Lord would help us to show His love and compassion, as though it was not heavy to us. We ask you to pray that the Lord would be there.Please, will you pray with us???We need many prayers now.Thanks!


  1. I love your dream of a home for orphanes who age out of the orphanages and have no where to go. I pray that all will go well and you will not get your land taken away. Also that the money will be provided to build the house.
    May God's will be done and may his name be lifted up through all this.
    God bless you.

    1. Thank you, Hope!I love this idea too. :) Each time when I think and dream, my heart inflame from a joy.
      Thanks for prayers!Really appreciate!

  2. Joining you in prayer!!!

    1. Thanks a lot!It`s encouragement for us.

  3. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    I, too, will pray for justice to be done. Your dream of building a home for the homeless children is beautiful, and I hope it can come true...

    Blessings to you,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Thank you.We very hope too, it come true some day...

  4. Have you read about George Muller? He was an English man in the 1800s who supported thousands of orphans through prayer and faith. Very similar to what you are doing! You might read about his life for encouragement if you haven't already.

    Praying for your court situation and for the orphans graduates.
    God be with you and continue to give you strength, peace, favor, and joy!

    1. No. I haven't read about George Muller, but heard about him a lot. He is really hero and would like to have a faith he had.Thanks for advice.I really would like to read a book about his life some day.

      Thank you for prayers!

  5. We'll be praying for your court date too!


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