May 30, 2012

Good and bad news...

This updating is about the father of our brother Misha and director of BOM.

We have for you good and bad news.
Good news, that prayers can do miracles. It indeed, our dear friends. Thank many your prayers the father of our brother Misha, is still alive.
This is real miracle. Thank God! Neither doctors, nor friends, nobody can believe in it that he is still alive! Each time our pastor Misha goes on funeral to the father and each time he stand up on feet and he become better. At this time he started to eat and he started to stand up on feet too.

And bad news. He has a sick heart and as the result other illness joined. It seems that he has the hypoxia. Also he had a stroke.When his son arrived to him, his father raved and didn't understand that occurs, forgot names sometimes, behaved as the child. Therefore to his son Misha, it is necessary to look after him, to comb, feed, shave, dress, to wash etc.and stayed longer time there.

Here what brother Misha says:
"I understand that not for long remained, though doctors say that such senile status can be prolonged still any time. 
Now he in such status that for me it become by pain to look at him, such helpless. Such to worry is very difficult, day after day, day after day.... And it passes day after day...; I shave him, I feed, I take him out under a hand on a yard (is very weakly), I dress, I sit with him at nights. Today had cut nails to him and nearly didn`t cry... After all I remember that once in the childhood he cut to me nails, and now I do to him, because he is unable. And sometimes I simply hug and say - "Father, I very much love you", and he is silent, probably, already understanding nothing about what I speak.So painfully that I nearby, and he doesn't feel joy from my presence, as earlier. It is difficult to tell and show the love, and it is so heavy to transfer it when your important words and your feelings to dear person are known only to you, and he doesn't know it, or - simply doesn't understand.

It`s heavy to look at him, but I love him, and he very much is dear to me. Difficult that this love isn't mutual, and is one way, with no strings attached .
I love him, even if he doesn't understand it, or nearly doesn't understand. I understood, though, likely and not up to the end how we are beloved by the Christ. I understood more that the love to my father became even more strongly not is dependent on any consequences in his life.
Though I am and in bitterness, but partly enjoy his presence... and probably in his last days..."

  Our hearts are broken with bro.Misha and it hurts.It`s so heavy to carry this burden...

He is so deeply grateful for all your many prayers, e-mails and support!It gives him strength and peace in heart, even it`s hurts. It helps him to carry this burden and see love of Jesus, through your great Christian love and care.He so much appreciates it.Many thanks, sweet Friends.

Dear our beloved brothers and siters in Christ, Dear Church of Christ, we ask you to continue to pray for brother Misha and his father, cover them in many your prayers, God give them peace, comfort and provide all their needs they have.Please, pray God will do His will in their both lives, what He wants...We know God will do what is the best even it`s heavy and you do not understand.Please, pray...Thanks a lot!God bless you!


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    We are continuing to pray. Thank you for keeping us updated. Love, Courtney


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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