May 5, 2012

One more soul

  The part of our ministry consists in that to help graduates of orphanages on how many as we can. We share with them our food, help with clothes or footwear. We share our houses, with those who stayed on the street. We help them to solve questions that to us under force, or simply we give advice. We help and teach life skills how to wash clothes, iron, how to cook and much more.

  In orphanages children are often left and not taught important life skills. When they finish orphanage and begin "adult" independent life. They don't know from what to begin, also what to decide, where to go and to whom even to turn to a simple council. They a lot of things be afraid to begin or do. Feel uncertain and unsure. In the social environment them often neglect and humiliate. If an orphan are with special needs, a work it is impossible to find.It means those orphans who receive school education at orphanages.Orphanages where children with special needs are very different. And as a result, the broken life, loneliness, emptiness, fear, emptiness that turns over time into indifference and disbelief by all and to all. As a result life on the street or where they find a place to live...
   Here is only little part of life former street boy, without special needs.You can imagine how it`s more heavy for orphans with special needs...It`s scary.

But here I would like to share with you our huge joy. We are so excited and so extremely happy!!!

  Once at the cold night, one of graduates of an orphanage stayed simply on the street.
 Imagine, one at night on street, very cold, you have to remember how cold was last winter and how many homeless people died...
This orphaned girl had no place to go, with worries and fear in heart.Tears, lonely, unloved, hungry, unprotected... Where to go? Where to live? What to do? to whom to address for the help? Hundred questions were twirled in the head during this moment.What could she feel during this moment if she simply stayed on the street???

God loves and cares about orphans, as He promised in His word.
"Thou hast seen it; for thou beholdest mischief and spite, to requite it with thy hand: the poor committeth himself unto thee; thou art the helper of the fatherless." (Psalm 10:14)

 This cold night when we learned about this girl, by name of Valya. We found a temporal place of dwelling for her and helped her how many could and how many it was in our forces...She lived in home of Christian sisters.

  So, a week ago Valya expressed desire to ask Jesus to become her personal Lord and the Savior!Wow!What a great blessing!We were so thrilled!

  This is not all. The same day when she asked Jesus to saved her and to change life. Someone called and authorized to live her in a social hostel or dormitory. Valya was so happy that she takes place where to live! She cried out the whole time: "This is miracle!It`s miracle! Only God was able to do it!"
 This is small hostel on 4 rooms for poor people. Where in each room there can live 3-4 persons only 3 months. This rule of a hostel.

Dear and sweet friends, this real miracle! Because it is very difficult to get to this hostel and not each poor person accept.

We are so grateful one more soul is saved!We are so happy one more soul found a peace and calm, love and protecting in Jesus Christ.We are so thrilled one more soul found a hope and sureness, Father and Saviour in Jesus Christ!We, so rejoice that one more soul wasn't lost in this world.We are so extremely happy!!!

We would be so thankful if you remember Valya in your prayers.She has so many physical and spiritual needs.Thank you so much!

I`m going share with you one more huge blessing. Coming back soon! :))) Thank you!


  1. Such good news! Although she is an orphan here on earth, she now has an heavenly father.

  2. Praising God for dear Valya's salvation!

  3. Great, great news! Praise God!

  4. Sabrina and Joy, many thanks for sharing a joy together with us, by this great blessing!

  5. What a blessing to hear! Praying for these kids on the streets :D


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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