February 10, 2012

I`m rejoice!

I`m rejoice and praise the Lord!I`m happy very much! I Excited and  thrilling!What awesome God we serve!
Let me start this post by saying what a wonderful Saviour we serve! He is so good! He gives us love, strength, peace, power, grace, wisdom, encouragement and joy! He gives us friendship and such wonderful and dear friends!
I want to say thank you SO much for reading updates of blog, sending e-mails and for praying for us in these very hard days in our lives with my beloved sister.It`s such a blessing reading your lovely and warmly e-mails.It melts our hearts because of your Christ love. And brings us encouragement and gives strength to serve the Lord on His field.
No, the trouble with burned house of our mom having not decided yet.It will take many months or even a year or more...Depends how Lord will lead and bless. 

But I`m ok, thankfully of your many prayers.It`s such a blessing to know how many wonderful and loving brothers and sisters in Christ, praying today with us.What a blessing to know that not only in Ukraine but in other countries many Christians lift up their voices to the Lord Jesus.Thank you very much for your prayers!We appreciate it VERY much! 

Here I would love to share with you about a great and many blessings we had today!God is so good!I have not shared yet with you about visits of orphans we had last week.I just had not time.I very hope soon to do that.There is as blessings and heartbreaking moments also.

I will begin in stages.
In the morning, when we prepared for a trip to an orphanage, the calorifier(what gives us a hot water) has ceased to work and as a result there was not hot water. That it is interesting at first worked, and then has suddenly stoped. We with the sister, began it twisted, twirled, tried to repair as that. Nothing helped. At the wrong time. I should wash hair. I wasn't ready to a trip. Again attacks of a Satan? Again obstacles? We with Oksana have smiled, as was a little ridiculous that some days ago we have one trouble, now the next headache. I have started to think. Oh, no! I have not time already. And now also the calorifier it is necessary to be engaged, cause the service-man that would look and has repaired. But when? What day? We have started to pray for that to the Lord. Have gone have tried to make something. Do you know what? It has worked! What a blessing! Yes, certainly we were late for the bus by which usually we reach in this orphanage and have arrived after the usual, probably 40-50 minutes later. But it wasn't a problem. We rejoiced that the calorifier works, we have a hot water and we had enough time to be with kids! The glory to the Lord that He hears prayers!

Next blessing.Some kiddies already had a nap, as we have arrived later.But a teacher had let us take some kids to Bible lesson.When they have seen Nadya, they began to cry because of joy, huged and kissed her.They dressed just in moment! :)

Today meeting was very unusual.
Children asked many times why we haven't arrived last Friday. We weren't here, because of weather.It was very much and very cold. Oh, how we have been surprised when they have told that cried for us because so very much wanted to see us! Also they spoke that pray for us every day. Really, it overwhelms and melts heart.I wanted to cry at this moment.Those, who are left by the parents, those who need a love, a consolation and prayers, they pray for us.Isn`t a blessing to know how they love?How you can not love these God`s treasures?It`s so sweet.They are so precious!

 The next.An One girl the moment later has come and has called me to a corridor.She strongly having huged me, has told that very much has missed. Also she has told, that looks every day at a picture where I am with her and she loves me. It has melted my heart absolutely and my eyes were filled with tears. Certainly having huged her in the answer to her, I also have told that I love her very much and I pray for her.

 The problem consists in that almost 9 months ago when we gave gifts to graduates of an orphanage and had with them last meeting. I have noticed that Nastya sat aside and cried. Having approached to her, I have asked what happened. And she has told to me that at this day she found out that her father doesn't want to take away her on vacation to home and he has left her for ever. Having let know to the director, let does with her what he wants. He doesn't want more to see her and to her destiny he is indifferent.The mom she didn't see many years and she doesn't know where she is.Also Nastya has some brothers and sisters who are in different orphanages now too.What do you think, what she felt at this moment? Listening to her family situation, tears have acted at me in eyes. It was very heavy and heartbreaking to listen to it. My heart was squeezed from it. How? What for? Why? How I can help?

When summer vacations have begun, she has been sent to hospital to live there some time because in the orphanage  would be nobody that will take care of her. Having learned that she is in hospital. I spoke with the director that to take her to my home. He has told that when she will stay at my home and I will return her  back in some time, it will be still bigger stress for her. So in the beginning of summer, some times I visited her in hospital. And our sisters visited her also. The director cared of her that she wasn't on the street. So throughout summer she was in several different places. Such, as this lovely girl Nastya, hundreds and thousand children in orphanages. They go home on vacation, but they aren't waited there, also they aren't desired there. Therefore many children escape from the homes, in search of something better...

 Here is I with Nastya at first day her being in hospital. When I just arrived to her.She has let me know.That she cried all day and prayed that I will come to her.I was so surprised to hear that and God answered her prayer!What a miracle!

Also today Nastya has expressed desire that Jesus has saved her and has changed her life.WOW!What a joy and blessing!I`m so happy for her!

She is 14 years old.In several years she will graduate this orphanage.But where she will go, I have no idea...Please, pray for Nastya and so many same kids, as she is...

There is more. In the beginning of our meeting several children have asked us about something (do not remember) and our conversation was about soul salvation, about a meeting with the Lord etc. Children was concentrated, sat so silently and so attentively listened more than ever in life! Even the most disobedient prankishes sat very silently and the behavior was wonderful.We were surprised so very much! I felt, as the Lord conducted and as if words come out  from my lips, as if it was told not by me. I have understood that the Lord conducts this meeting and the fine moment what to make an invitation to children about soul salvation. Children have started to pray and ask that the Lord has saved them and has changed their life. What it was a joy and such great blessing when we have learned that 15 more children asked Jesus to rescue them!We were soooo happy!It seemed that we are in the Heaven already!What a blessing!!!

This lesson was a bit unusual, that we have made a craft in the beginning. It was also good object lesson.They were very excited to make their own crown. :)

A boy with Birthday gift.We had 2 birthday kids at this time.They loved their gifts!

 Especially children liked to make crown because they could to adorn by glitter.They loved it so very much!

 Aren`t they sweet and lovely?

 Kids enjoyed their own crowns very much.They said all time: "I`m king!" or "I`m queen!"They were so proud of themselves!It was funny. :)

As we speak about the first kings of Israel. Children spoke, well when we already learn who was the third king?

So, they were ready to listen a Bible story.And it was perfect!I was glad to hear they were interested to know about third king.We spoke about king Solomon and about his wisdom.They loved this story very much and listened very attentively!

We used here these figures.
 As I wouldn't want that figures simply stood. It would be desirable to make something unusual. Thanks to the computer, the printer and brads. I have made so the soldier hand can move. In the history when king Solomon has told to split the child on two parts to learn, where the real mother of the kid. I have raised a hand of soldier there with the kid that he was already ready to make an command of the king. Before the hand of the soldier has been hidden behind his back.Children liked it very much.

 But they were more AMAZED when have seen a house of the Lord which built Solomon!Wow!Let us to see!What is that?

They wanted to touch, consider what inside and asked tens questions. They wanted to view each detail there. "It`s  something great! And it was constructed by Solomon?"- children asked.They were excited and amazed VERY much!

When we have learned with them a new song The wise man built his house upon the rock, we played game on fastening. Nadya asked questions on story which they listened. Those who has answered correctly, had the right to attach a puzzle of our big picture. We named this game, "Help to construct to Solomon the house of the Lord". As children very much love puzzles. This game for them was excellent.They enjoyed this game very much and answered on questions correctly.And we were very glad!

In the end we had this picture.

Also in the end we gave them candies.Oh, how they were excited!You know how kids love sweets. :)
We were so happy by this meeting with these precious kids and our hearts were full of joy, so many blessings and sweet moments!!!

But when we came back home, we prayed strongly in our hearts. Because a driver was seemed drunk, also the bus get here and there. It seemed that the bus somewhere will move down aside or will turn over. Now very strong frosts in Ukraine. And for this purpose that to be warmed, many people drink vodka that as a result costs to life of other people. Pray please for our trips and that the Lord would send warm weather because many people suffer because of these frosts and die.But thanks God we got to homes, safely.Praise the Lord!

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