July 22, 2012

Our dear teenagers

I would like to share with you what the Lord does here. Your donations not only bring joy, make a smile on faces of teenagers, but give hope and faith that someone loves them and cares of their needs. ;) God loves orphans. Many thanks, Friends!

BOM provides not only necessary food, personal care items but necessary clothes and footwear, to those teenagers who needs it.

But the greatest our blessing, is that these teenagers can study the God's Word and visit our Bible Baptist Church services.

I very much want to tell you about big joy and blessing which we have!

Once, a teenager came to Bible studying and started to laugh at what our teens did. He sneered and spoke, and do you really believe in these fairy tales, that God really exists? When we gave to him to read a Christian tract about salvation, he refused flatly, having told, I do not read such. It was fun for him. We tried to be with him polite and not to pay attention to his roughnesses, invited him to join etc. But he left... The next time when there was a Bible studying, he ran in room and ran out many times, turned again, overheard etc. But he didn't join to group of teens. 
Behavior of this guy was not good, because of it he had many troubles in the life. Lost work, could insult seniors, not good words, offended girls and much more. We prayed for him that the Lord would touch his heart and changed his life.
So, the next time he took a chair and stayed listening to God's Word, nearly a half time of group!It was surprise!
Today this guy not just visits ALL groups on studying of the God's Word, but he also visits ALL services in our Church(3 times a week), he edifies children and teaches them to be serious on the relation of the Bible, :) he ceased to humiliate and offend seniors, he is nice with girls, his behavior absolutely changed. We are surprised and so excited! Nobody simply doesn't recognize him! What a joy! What delight! Look how God's Word can change the person! Hallelujah!We are soooo happy for him!!!Great!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!God is soooo good!Our God is great and awesome!We are sooo happy!
Please, continue to pray, Friends!Our God can do more! ;)
Love to all and hugs!


  1. Praise God! It is such a blessing to read these recent posts and hear what God is doing!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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