July 17, 2012

Today's court

First, I would like to thank you all, who prayed and still pray about our family situation.Please, continue to pray!

Today was court.Everything was well, I think.The judge is serious lady.I like, as she led court. Everything is fine.But it was first court and in two months the 18 of September will be second court.Because I gave enough arguments that our mom is not guilty and the government is on her side.So, the new facts came out.I have to come next time for court with witnesses.Also a lawer of  neighbors asked the judge to make one more court and they need to make some document against mom, prove her culpability in fire.

During the court and after, all the time the Lord gave me the perfect peace and calm in heart. I was rejoiced!It was such a GREAT blessing, peace in heart! I glorify and I thank the Lord for it!!! The Lord Jesus is soooo good and mercy!!!I felt your many prayers!Thanks a lot!

I don't know the end of this matter, than it will end, but I glorify and I thank the Lord for His presence which He shows through the peace and calm. 
When I came back home, I sang and exulted, I rejoiced that the Lord nearby. I prayed and thanked the Lord for everything!

But it isn't  acceptable for the Devil! His purpose to destroy our spirit and the peace, to intrude upon calm and that our hands and knees weakened in fear. The purpose of the Devil to destroy everything that only is possible, if only to achieve! He is mad and enraged, when sees Christians quiet and trusting to the Lord. I think, you agree with me. :)

So, after court, neighbors seriously threatened me. If I don't bring money or I will not pay, I won't live to second court. Yes, they threatened that will murder. They even told me where it will occur. :) Yes, that is not funny.But I`m not afraid, dear Friends. I do not know or you believe me. But the Lord gives a boldness or confidence and the perfect peace. Yes, it is not pleasant to hear this talk, etc. as it is the man, which taller me twice. And you never know what in the head of the person. But the Satan always frightens, threatens, gossips on children of God, buys, by other word does everything to knock down the Christian from a narrow way and to destroy his spirit. The devil is angry and doesn't wish what on this piece of the land, there was a house for homeless orphans. He doesn't wish that they would come to Jesus and were declined before Him in a repentance prayer. He hates, when the sinner saves.He is mad, when children of God make Lord`s will.He doesn't wish that orphans would find rest, calm and a consolation in Jesus.

In same time I don't want to be careless and thoughtless.

So, please, keep pray for our future court, what should be in two months.But especially that God protect our family from evil.Probably, I will go to a police.I do not know yet...But anyway, please, pray!!!Many thanks, sweet Friends!Love and hugs, to all :)


  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    Alla, please do go to the police! This man sounds very violent and dangerous, so please take good care of yourself and your family and keep safe!

    You are in my prayers...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Praying for you...please consider going to the police. Maybe making them aware will be enough to discourage this man from any form of violence.


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