July 31, 2012

Sponsoring of boys in mental institution

Guess for whom this blessing that you see in a picture below? :)

I`m so excited to tell you that we have been in mental institution on past week and our precious boys received this gift with love from our dear monthly sponsors.Boys could receive diapers, cleansing things, powdered laundry soap etc.
Thank you so much to those who opened hearts showing God`s love by caring of needs of poor orphans.It`s such a joy for us!

We spoke with the director and we had a fine and warm meeting. Friends, there are a lot of needs! I just would like to shout to the Lord and to beg about His mercy and goodness. We pray hard and diligent that the Lord would send more sponsors to these poor and suffering children. These children are deprived of very many that is necessary for every day. We are  forceless something to make. Only the Lord, only He is their Heavenly and loving Father and the Creator can help with their vital important needs.

Clothes, footwear, in particular autumn and winter, outer clothing- coat or jacket, bedding, and also vitamins, minerals and different medications are necessary to these boys. It is only small part of their needs.

But the most important that, that there isn't enough hands that to care about boys. One nanny simply doesn't manage with 15-20 children and it is VERY hard physical work. Therefore in the future we want to raise funds to hire nannies who could care of these children. It will be one of our projects some day. The director was very much and very glad to hear about it and very long shook hands with brother Misha. Therefore we need more sponsors. We ask you to join this prayer, that the Lord would provide and covered needs of those, about whom He calls us to care and show His love.

Recently was airing a documentary film "Ukraine's Forgotten Children" produced and directed by Kate Blewett. This is a story about the desperate suffering of countless vulnerable children in mental institution. What these kids experienced and still experience is terrible and heartbreaking...It`s impossible to watch without tears.I saw the film and cried then couldn't get to sleep easily.The film is incredibly moving and depressing...It`s very emotional.

If you didn't watch yet. Please find an hour and 28 minutes to watch this film. I believe it will change your heart, mind and thoughts... 

 That is why we pray and plead Lord Jesus to help in needs of our suffering boys.This is the reason why we visit and share God`s love with them and wish to do more with God`s help.

PLEASE, watch this true story.This all is REAL TRUTH about Ukrainian children!!!

If you have a desire we warmly invite you to become a part of this ministry BOM. To help with needs of these dear kids and to make a difference in their lives.         

Please enter any amount that you wish to give $15, 25, 30, 50, ...on the right side of our blog, as a monthly recurring donation to help meet boy`s needs. If you wish to make just a one time gift, you are WELCOME!
A little love and kindness is like water to thirsty children.Thank you so much!God bless you!


  1. Please tell me how I can make a one time gift to God's love, mental institution, special needs, support. Thank you:)

    1. Dear Debbie, you can send donation to thebibleorphanministry@gmail.com just leave a note, where would you like your gift would go, for which specific need of the kids.Thank you! :)


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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