September 4, 2013


A few days ago I received a phone call. Picking up the phone, I heard the bitter and desperate cry of a young girl. Who in depressing,   told me terrible experiences in her life right now. She is overwhelmed with grief...

  Zhenya is 16 years old orphaned mother, who gave birth a small boy Vitya 4 months ago.She got to marriage for father of her son. But they survive and live in such poverty.We support this family as much as we can.

  Several months ago, she bought a house from her aunt for $625 and moved  to live to this house in another town. 
When we were there last time, we explained to her that she should do the paperwork, that this is her own home. It's not a good thing that she bought a house without documents.

  A few days ago, she learned that she can NOT live in this house, because it is belongs to government and such houses are not sold at all. 
She is on the street already! She has no right to live there because the house does not belong to Zhenya at all. A true owner of the house must come and live there.
It sounds that aunt Zhenya cheat to her. Now, Zhenya, with small baby Victor have nowhere to live!  

  Zhenya wrote a statement to the police at her aunt. Went to the local authorities and explained the situation and asked for help, etc. But she was denied it. 
I do not know how this will end... But we ask you to pray very hardly, PLEASE. Zhenya crying bitterly and does not know what to do and where to go...After all, she had nowhere to go and ask for help...

Please, pray that the local authorities have done something because it is their duty!Pray that God will protect Zhenya and her baby and help to solve this trouble.

If this girl will not find in the near future a place to live. Government employees can take away her precious son and place him in an baby house. In order to protect a newborn baby from hunger, cold, and give a roof over his head, a children's home...

From  despair and hopelessness, Zhenya is forced to move to the house of her mother in-law, who abuse alcohol and kicked her out of the house some time ago. But more than that, her mother in law is ill with tuberculosis! She does not take any medication and does not interested in fact that was waiting for her and what kind of life she leads. It is VERY dangerous to live in that house! Alcohol abuse, sickness, the crime there . Zhenya, her husband and the child can become infected with this terrible disease that has already killed hundreds of thousands of people in our country.

Ukraine holds the 2nd place in Europe in the incidence of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis - the only officially recognized as an epidemic in our country, which has lasted for 17 years, since 1995. According to official statistics, ill with tuberculosis in Ukraine 457 thousand people, according to unofficial - about a million. Every day, more than 100 doctors diagnose patients. 1 hour in Ukraine four people are infected with tuberculosis and dies. 

Among the causes of death from infectious disease tuberculosis is more than 80%. 

When I explained to this poor girl that this is not a good idea to live with her mother in law with a TB patient and who abuse alcohol . She said, I have no choice ...
Oh, my!PLEASE, pray for all this situation!


  1. My heart goes out to them. *Praying for Zhenya, her baby, and her husband. *Praying for all those have TB. *Praying for Ukraine.

  2. We will be praying very hard here for poor Zhenya and her husband and child!

  3. I am Zhenya and her young husband have any income at all? Are there public defender lawyers in Ukraine, who might help them find housing or at least get that money back? How much would it cost for them to rent an efficiency apartment?

    Is there any practical way we can help, in addition to keeping Zhenya and her family in our prayers?

    I have packed three boxes of clothing and will be sending it to you very soon...for wherever it is needed most.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

    1. Thank you very much, Susan! Kolya, husband of Zhenya, has found not bad job and started to work. But after this trouble, look like they have to move to other place. Also Zhenya gets a help from the government for a baby. But it is very little.
      We do not have lawyers, who can help you to find a housing. We have brokers. But they most work in cities and towns and take money for it. I never heard that they would work in villages. Where Zhenya`s family lived. It is very small town, like a village. This family have not money for it.
      We are working right now on it. I can not tell something right now. When we will have and know more details, I will update on the blog.Keep praying.

      Thanks a lot for your support!God bless you!

  4. Will be praying, friend.


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