July 28, 2012

We started!

Well.We started repair of Valya`s home.We are so excited! Valya is so happy and she can not wait to see the process and to live there. :) This past week we have been SO busy!Many meetings, discussion, calls, driving, thoughts, legwork and much more...We are not builders and not professionals, so we afraid to do something wrong there.It`s so many headaches. Oh!But mountains moved a little. :)

 We need to begin first of all with windows and doors, then we plan to make electricity. Then we can make all the rest. The problem consists that now a season and all something build and repair. Therefore it is necessary to order doors and windows and to wait from 2 to 10 days. And so we need to wait until it will be ready. :(

I CAN NOT wait to share with you pictures of new things! :)
Lord`s willing, we hope to replace windows and doors to the end of this week.So, please, pray God give us wisdom and everything go smoothly.Thanks a lot!!!

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