August 29, 2012

Ubdate about everything

I have sooo much to tell you, that I at all don't know from what to begin. It is a lot, and a lot of news and events occur here. Everything rages and boils. We are VERY much and very occupied the last some weeks. We work until late at night, sometimes at all without having time to have a rest enough or to eat :) But we know that it is only for a short time. And we hope that shortly everything won't be so much intense. 

Unfortunately I have no enough time to write the blog posts. Though I would wish to do it daily what the Lord is doing through BOM. I very excited to share about Lord`s work! So, I will write here about everything at once, about our pleasures, joyful moments and blessings and about some experiences and troubles.

Several weeks ago we could visit orphans with special needs and share with them their joy and blessing. BOM could bring to children different games. You would see how they were glad to see us! They ran on a meeting with tears of joy. Oh, my goodness!That day there was so much pleasure and delight! Girls were very glad and happy with games!

 Thanks to your donations, we could buy trousers to all precious boys in a mental institution.As they aren't able to use a zipper on trousers and break it often. Therefore the best for them it is trousers without zippers. And soon as there is it possible for us, we can deliver this blessing to these poor children.

 We bought 20 pairs of shoes for autumn/spring to one of the orphanages, biggest of the sizes for teenagers. There is constantly need with footwear, as well as in all orphanages.

 Also BOM helped to get new gate in one of orphanages. Gate were in an accident condition and could damage to children. The photo will be a little later.

God blessed us with package to the orphans.There are so many different items!Everything is so beautiful!Just wonderful blessing from dear sister in Christ, Aidan.

 Gifts to dear our Valya and to the BOM as well some from Aidan also. :)
 Isn`t she happy? She was amazed and thrilled by many great blessings!
 Such cute clothes to orphans and to babies of Olga and Valya from dear our friend, Susan. Our young mothers will be very happy!We are sure! :)
 Such beautiful and modern warm slippers to girls from same friend!We already know in what orphanage to deliver it. I can only imagine delight of girls. :)
 The next great blessing from sister Edda!

 So beautiful pillow cases
 So wonderful and such beautiful quilts made by her!
We received sooooo many different things to orphans!Oh, my goodness!Everything is so and so beautiful and amazing!Many thanks to all! By the way, we expect one more package what is on the way already :)

Can you believe we have air conditioner in our van? We prayed but we not realized to the end, it can soooo real and our dream came true some day!Wow!Amazing blessing!We are so excited!!!Thanks a lot to family Kissell!

Isn`t he precious?He didn't want to release my finger. So lovely.
They both, already have no temperature and they are much better. Thanks a lot to all for prayers!
Only sweet Timothy is jaundiced and lost some weight.But they are not worst!
I love so dearly this little angel as my own son. ;)

Many of you concern, what is with Valya`s house? How everything is going on?Where she will live?
We still work in her house...

....but we stopped for some time.
When Valya was in a orphanage, parents didn't pay for electricity a some time, as a result there was debts which she shall pay. Also there someone stole the electricity counter. 
Electricity company forgave, debts of Valya and promised that will set the counter free of charge. Great!
But recently Valya received the letter a failure, she should pay a debts for electricity, a penalty and for counter installation.

 The electricity service should and can help lonely mothers, orphans and poor. At least somehow partially to solve this question.  But sometimes here it is not real...

Valya was very upset.We also and felt so frustrated. We prayed for solutions of this question.God answered and sent enough to pay for everything! Praise the Lord!
But the trouble is again.The electricity service said, that they will set  electricity counter and cable only after the 20 of September because of paper work.It seems strange for me...Paper work make more than month?

I had to establish more than once electric the counter in different houses. To make documents and all the rest took about a week! I can only tell that all people in our  place, are very dissatisfied with this company and there always problems... In any case we ask you to pray diligent that we could set there an electricity. Otherwise all stopped and we can make nothing. We plan to make there electric heating, an electric stove, the washing machine, one word all electric.Please pray that God shifted these mountains!Thanks a lot!

So, where Valya will live with her darling Timothy?As Valya`s house is not ready yet and there a huge work.She will stay with Olga in their apartment till her house will be ready.
We worked intensively, that they could live there, as it is possible somewhat quicker. Olya can't wait any more when she can dwell there. Also can't believe that there will be a hot water. ;)
 Some furniture we put the used. Though it was necessary to suffer to collect everything, to spend a lot of time and patience. Some furniture we bought the new. Because the used furniture is very expensively in stores for used furniture and almost same price as well as new.We do not have weekend sales in people`s yards or garages.We have only stores for new or used furniture.Or you have to buy newspaper and find there(where no picture) or on the internet, where is picture not always.You have to go to the owner and check it out and look or is it good for you.Yes.Sometimes you can spend several days or weeks while you look for something good for you.

New future kitchen,
  which needs to be collected according to the instruction. :)
  In Ukraine you won't buy ready and already collected wardrobe or kitchen. You go to shop, you look, you choose what it to be pleasant to you. You order, you wait from three days to two weeks while to you will bring. Then you gather everything and you establish. If there is no time what to collect, you can pay to people who will collect to you furniture (one closet or a sofa) for 150 hryvnias($18.75) and above. Depending on work.
But our boys learned to collect furniture and how to use different tools etc.

I think kitchen looks much better.What do you think? :) But there not all, it is only part.More will come.

 I think, it looks better, than before.More pictures will come.

God answered your prayers, dear Friends! Olga has registration what is so important!Praise the Lord!Also she feels much better!Thank you so much for your prayers!

Ok.In 2 hours I need to get up because TODAY Olga and Sasha will come to the apartment to live there!Yay! I did not rest yet...Pictures will come also! :) We are soooooo excited!

Thank you!!!Thank you everyone, for your great support, love and care!!!Thank you to saving lives from the street! It`s amazing what God is doing!Thank you for everything you do!


  1. I rarely post a comment even though I have followed your blog for the last 6 months. I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing and I pray for you, your ministry team mates, and the children you write about often.
    May the Lord encourage and bless you today!
    Ashley in Colorado

    1. Oh, it melted my heart.Thank you so much for your prayers!

  2. Oh, my, how busy all of you have been! But what good results - the apartment looks like a different place. I am sure that Olga and Sasha will be so happy there. I am glad to learn that Olga, Valya, and baby Timothy are getting stronger and are becoming healthy again.

    It looks to me like the pretty kitchen curtain is very close to the stove - is it safe?? It may just be the way the picture was taken.

    I hope the problem with the electrical company can be solved quickly. We call that sort of thing "red tape" in the U.S., and it can be a big nuisance here, too!

    I am so glad you liked the things I sent - it's fun to see them again, but now online and in Ukraine! It's wonderful to see all the beautiful things other friends have sent, too.

    Please get some sleep and take a nap tomorrow - get enough rest so you can continue to do all these good things without getting tired and sleepy.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 teens from EE

    1. Susan, the kitchen curtain is not close to the stove and is it safe. :) It is just on the picture, seems very close.

      Thanks so much for your concern, care and love!

    2. Good - I thought it was just the camera's angle, but wanted to be sure. The guys did a great job assembling and installing the kitchen cabinet! I know Sasha and Olga are thrilled at having such a nice place of their very own now!

      Susan in Ky
      Cousin to 2 from EE

  3. Oh my, their apartment looks wonderful! You have all done an amazing job and I am sure they are going to be so happy there!

    I am so glad to hear that Valya and Timothy are well again! He is really a little doll, isn't he? Thank you for letting us know how things are going, and what we need to concentrate our prayers on!!

    God bless you all!

    1. Many thanks, Jennie!Thank you for your prayers and concern!
      Yes, they are happy to be there! ;)

  4. The apartment is looking beautiful! So happy for them! God bless you and give you strength for all you have to do.

  5. You are all working so hard! I will keep praying that the Lord provides health and strength for all you do.

    How happy I am to see all the amazing blessings everyone has shared!!

    1. Thanks for prayers!We really apreaciate!

      Oh, yes!We are soooo happy to see these all blessings also! :) Can not wait when we will deliver it to kids.

  6. After looking at the pictures again, I have to comment how nice it is to see the young men, who had no one working side by side with Misha. They are able to learn and accomplish something for a good purpose. What a blessing to have a pastor who doesn't just sit in an office all week, but is willing to do hard work and serve others.

    1. Thank you, Sabrina!Yes, it was good experience for guys and they learn to do something every day.Our pastor is talented and doing everything he is able and not just for members of church but for others too.Many people often ask him for help not just for counselling or spiritual help but for physical help as well.Very often he even does not have time for himself. So, he is willing to teach guys everything he knows and it can be helpful in their lives.


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