December 11, 2010

A Nice Meeting!

   Our Lord is wonderful and great! On Thursday, December 9th, we once again had the opportunity to visit an orphanage in N.B. and to teach a Bible lesson about the great flood and Noah.

   In the beginning of the lesson, we congratulated the girls’ who had birthdays the during previous week. We know that these children have no toys and no one wishes them a happy birthday. They are very glad when they receive any small present. We remind them all the time that these gifts are given to them by Jesus because He loves them.
During the lesson, we played different games, sang songs, and talked. The children love to do things with their hands, so they enjoyed doing a craft. As soon as we enter the class, they ask if we will be cutting and drawing today.
While we met with the children, our director Michael was able to witness to many orphanage employees about Jesus Christ, telling them the need for them to reconcile with God.

 Here are some photos.

                                                  Girls who received birthday gifts.

                                            Nadya explains Bible truth to them.

                                               We sing a song about Noah.

They enjoyed this game very much. The children were blindfolded the goal was to attach their animal closest to the ark door.

                                   Lyuba helped them to go in the right direction.


Here we are playing another game. The children spun a wheel and they selected the question they wanted. They answered questions about the flood which we had taught them about. Oksana and Lyuba helped them.


At the end of the lesson the children did a craft with different animals. The children liked the craft so much that some of them made several with different animals.

 Some of the children aren’t able to cut, glue or do simple things. Therefore it is necessary to help them. Sometimes it is physically difficult since there are many children. They all ask for help. Some of the children are confused and don’t think they can do the craft because they don’t think they are able to or they are afraid it won’t turn out well. Some of the children want to learn to cut and draw in spite of the fact that they are 25 years old or older.

For a long time this girl said she didn’t want to do a craft because it would not turn out well It is so sad to see that there is only one teacher at this orphanage for 20-25 children in a class. It is a hard job to teach all of them and it would be such a good thing for them to learn. Sadly, we don’t have the right to do this and our time with them is restricted.
This girl was very adamant about the fact that her craft would not turn out well. We decided to help her do it, so she would know that she could do it, just like the typical children. Of course, we help them with pleasure and we assure them that all of them will turn out well. It is important that these children have confidence and don’t feel that they are silly. They need to understand that they can do something, they are important to someone, someone loves them, and they are a glorious creation of God.
Together we won! This girl finished in the end. When she realized that she could, she was glad and she sat and smiled.

It is our goal for the children to learn to work independently. We want them to be able to learn and study without our help, since this will benefit them in the long run.

In this orphanage, there is an employee who is very glad about our visits. We witnessed to her a lot and gave her literature. She is a nice lady and she really enjoys hearing about Jesus Christ, she also asks questions. We answer her with pleasure. She often helps us during our lessons. This time she even invited us to her home to talk more. We are very glad! Now we are praying about this meeting and asking the Lord to grant us this meeting so we can tell her more about Jesus. Who knows, she will probably come to Christ. Please pray for salvation for her soul too.

                                        The children rejoice to do the craft.

Not all of the children can come to the Bible lesson. We brought them sweets. We waited for them near the dining room after dinner so each of them would receive these sweets. We want everyone to get some.


They were all soooo happy about our meeting that they didn’t want it to end or to say goodbye. All of the girls walked us to the gates of the orphanage as we left to go home.


At the end of the lesson, 3 girls asked Jesus Christ to save them from hell. Isn’t it wonderful?
Bible says
" I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance." Luke 15:7

     I need to tell you about the needs of the children in this orphanage. The workers asked us to help them again with new mattresses and pillows for the children. The mattresses are worn out. They have been used for 15 years! Many girls wet the bed.

The workers asked us to help buy a sofa for the children. They would like the children to have soft sofas rather than sitting on rigid benches in the game room. In this room we noticed there were few toys and no developmental games. In fact, all of these girls have special needs. They are mentally delayed or have Down syndrome. They need different games, books, etc. How can children develop and learn without having these things? Can you please help these kids with their needs?


  The girl that sits in an wheelchair walks in a lap.It hurt her laps.She  are necessary to a kneecaps. Also this wheelchair is broken and too small in the sizes for this girl. As the girl can't call on what threshold any buildings in this wheelchair . Women - workers each time should transfer her to help this child. She suffers in this wheelchair, instead of enjoys. But she doesn't have other choice.

Can you please help this girl to be happy? Can you help her buy a good wheelchair that is suitable for her and is the right size? The cost is $200-$300.

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