December 23, 2010

Read the miracle story about first adopting for all life of the orphanage!

 This is the testimony for those whom the Lord gives a desire to adopt a child, whom God induces to it, who prays, searches, worries.Who has a burden to help orphans in the world, does not mean where live a orphans.

The Bible says:
"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world." James 1:27 

This is testimony of encouraging how the Lord works through the social network.

  We have ministry at an orphanage, there are girls age 5-35 with special needs, Down`s syndrome and many other special needs.There over 85 children.Usually we come sing songs, tell Bible story, they like much puppet show.They like to play with you, hug, that you stroke on a head.They do not have a mommy or dad who can do that.Who can play with you, teach you do something, playing and etc.

   These children never saw cities, villages. Never were on the nature, never were in park or lake. Never bathed in the river splash in the water. All that they see it some buildings in territory of this orphanage. Yes, they have a beautiful garden. But they can walk there only in the summer and when warmly.But they do not play there just sit on a grass or bench.These children never were in any shop, they all even don't know what this is. They don't know how to play toys and what to do with.

What they do all throughout day? They sit and watch TV, sometimes not good movie or program.They sitting and being swung on rigid bench. In one group where 20-25 children, only 2 of the working woman. Which have no education and have no concepts  how to work and how to be engaged and  teach and  develop these children. And how 2 women can learn 25 children at one time? It is very hard work for these lady there.
All these children are with special needs,  many of them the need individual approach. Many of them don't know as to remove a wrapper from a sweet. Therefore each time when we come there we remove wrappers from sweets.

Children are very glad when someone comes to them and spends time! They very much appreciate it.

For all time of existence of this orphanage anychild has not been adopted... Many of them already aren't present in the alive.

   But our God is alive, surprising and wonderful God! In  2010 in a month of December God has made a miracle! Almost 3 years ago an one beautiful  and lovely family haven'ted one girl Sasha. They called her Aleksa.

Today she is 8 years. Almost 3 years ago Family Cornish wanted to adopt this nice girl. They prayed much, all made for this purpose that  to adopt her, but to them have refused it. With the broken hearts they have come back home. Yes they cried much, prayed, couldn't understand what God wants.
 Later they have lost the information where is this girl Sasha, how she is, how is her health, how she feels herself, maybe someone has adopted, maybe she  has found a family, or maybe she isn't present already in the live. Almost 3 years they knew nothing all this time about her and couldn't learn is she  alive and is still there a hope!

  Today this girl Sasha or Aleksa is the daughter of this nice family! Praise the Lord! How they have met the lovely and lovely girl again, how they have met her again without knowing about her absolutely nothing is she still alive, how the Lord has answered their prayers! You can read more on their blog to enjoy together with this family and to glorify our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!

Read more HERE

Meredith blog

This is the first adopting from this orphanage!!! It is amazing! We hope and believe director let to adopt other children whom need a family also. Praise the lord!

This is Meredith Cornish with her nice 2 kids, Sasha is in pink blouse

                                  Is not it a miracle?


  1. thank you for this beautiful information, keep up the good work

    Vanessa Kachadurian

  2. This IS a miracle!! I adore what you are doing and your interest in children that otherwise would not have anyone to care about them. As Vanessa said above--"KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

    And Praise The Lord Always!!

    Gentle Hugs----<3

  3. Yes it is a miracle! The Cornish family is an amazing family! They saved the little boy in the picture from being sent to an institution as well! I'm so glad the door is opening for more children, even the one's with significant needs to be adopted! God Bless you in your work! I'd love to come and lend a hand! Is it possible? Sandie Flannery,

  4. Yes, Sandie.We saw a little boy Wesley, when we visited them while they have been in Ukraine.He is sweet boy!Thank you!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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