May 21, 2012

Sweet Dreams of the Orphans - new project

 Dear our loving friends and faithful readers, brothers and sisters in Christ, we begin our new project -Sweet Dreams of the Orphans. The purpose of this project to bless orphans in their need with mattresses and pillows that they could sleep, forget about awful nights and with a joy thanked the Lord.
The administration of an orphanage asks us to help long ago in this need, but we can't help orphans without the God's help and providing.

 This orphanage has 90 girls with different special needs, age of 5-35 years. There are girls with Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, mentally retarded, Apert Syndrome, delayed of developmentally and others. We visit this orphanage regularly with Bible lessons.It`s same orphanage where Annya received a wheelchair a year ago.It`s same place where girls received school supplies.It`s same orphanage where girls received wonderful gifts recently.

 Status of these mattresses and pillows the simply is awful. These mattresses are more than 30 years old! You can imagine what is there inside of mattresses and how it is not easy to sleep to orphans.In the inside of pillows are rags that does incapable to sleep on them. That causes mass of inconveniences and sufferings. You can imagine how heavy to sleep at night to children and as awfully they suffer. And if children with special needs sleep not enough or badly, it brings more problems both for children and for employees of orphanage.

Special inspection of orphanages requires that mattresses changed EACH 6 years. But the orphanage unable to provide all orphans and to solve this question.

Once we saw a sweetheart child that slept simply on this metal grid because of absence of mattress. The grid was covered just by a simple sheet. Can imagine how this child felt and suffered on this grid??? It`s terribly!

Seeing these mattresses and pillows simply breaks our hearts.And became a burden since then.There are no words...

The need is to raise fund $2.206 for a month, for all girls that to help to bless each of them,by a mattress and a pillow.This sum includes mattresses and pillows for all 90 girls and all fees.It frightens a little, because a large sum. But the need is more there.

But when I start to think as wonderfully and generously the Lord blessed our last project.How much we made with your help before in other projects, that just makes really smile, because we know that we have some very loving friends and readers who care, want to help and pray. You all make us grateful every single day for this wonderful community of friends we have and enjoy being a part of. 

Dear Church of Christ, dear our brothers and sister, can we do it together in one team, in one unity of Spirit for God`s glory and joy of precious children?Can you please help to make sweet dreams at nights of these orphans with special needs?

 If God gives you a wish, you can be a part of this great project, by these ways.

  • Please, share about this need everywhere you can...via e-mails, on social networks, at your families, at churches, with friends etc.
  •  Please pray that the Heavenly Father of these orphans would bless and provided in their need.
  • Also you can donate through chip-in on side bar of our blog.Please, remember that each cent and $ is very necessary and very appreciating.
Thanks a lot for involvement in this project, thanks for your tender loving care to these children and prayers. We very strongly appreciate it!God bless you!!!



  1. God Bless you in care for these helpless girls!!!

    1. Thank you Sandie!Thanks to be a part of this project!


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