May 21, 2012

About prophets to orphans

God gave the chance to us to conduct the Bible lessons last Friday and Suturday at orphanages.Here about one of them. 
It was great and wonderful day with children!All of them so rejoiced when saw and ran to us.It was such warm and friendly meeting.Having received lovely hugs from children, we began a lesson.

After we prayed and sang the song, we repeated with them 3 kings about whom we learned before, Saul, David and Solomon. Children attached figures and names of kings. We were surprised, delighted and are so thrilled that all of them still so well remembered all stories! It warms our hearts and brings such blessing that children remember, despite that passed enough time.

Also having remembered about Elijah, we told them story about Elisha at this time.

We love to make something interesting, so decided to surprise children. We printed Naaman and laminated, so it is possible to place in water without being afraid that it will become wet.We drew leprosy by a felt-tip pen and when lowered in water, it was gradually washed away. (2 Kings 5) Children were amazed and surprised!They LOVED it!
Rest of parts of history about Elisha and miracles, which God made through him, they looked on the animated film.So we continue to study prophets. Children already know two from them, Elijah and Elisha.

To solidify knowledge of history, we played game where children added puzzles. We printed these big puzzles that the picture would be visible to all children.
That who gave the right answer on a question, had the right to attach a puzzle. Thus we had the picture where the widow spilled and sold oil with her sons.(2 Kings 4:1-7)  Children were excited so much to play this game!They LOVE puzzles!

I love 3D operations! Therefore to diversify and make interesting training, made a gold Bible verse unusual. Having printed it in a big format that would be visible to all children, we decorated this picture, pasted fire from reaped paper, having glued cotton wool to make clouds volume. Also made foam leaves of palm tree and cocoes.It was so fun and I love it!
The Bible vese is: "But without faith it is impossible to please him." (Hebrews11:6)If you want to see miracles in the life, you need to trust to the Lord.

Even if it is necessary to work over any project, until late at night, (or to the morning) and to get up early in the morning that to go to an orphanage. You still feel tired and not got enough sleep. But dear friends, it is worthy of it! It is worthy of it how children admire and thrill! It is worthy of it to surprise children and to bring so much joy in their lives! :)

Here children do a craft, Elijah on a fiery chariot.
 We found many small boxes and made chariots having painted by red color to facilitate operation for children. They needed only to color horses, to attach fire to chariot, Elijah and Bible verse that learned before. And at the end to connect horses to chariot with help of drinking straw.
It was fun to work on that!
Isn`t his smile is precious?
I love these kids! They are such darlings and smart boys. They are three friends and finished their job the first at this time.Aren`t they sweet?

At the end of  meeting we congratulated those children at whom there was a birthday during this time.Of course, they love their gifts!Aren`t they darling?
Boys so liked cars that they started to play directly and other children asked to play. It is not surprising.Where they will take these toys to play?
Alla placed the bunny in chariot of Elijah and so played with it.She loves him. :)

These dear and precious kids permanently ask and so much plead to come and to them also.It breaks our hearts that we can't do it. But we very much and very much hope that next year, they will join our Bible class and also can study the God`s word and enjoy fellowship.

It was the last Bible lesson this educative year, in this orphanage. We can continue only in the following autumn. All children go on summer vacations. Our hearts are distressed from that they go there where for them don't wait and they often see misunderstanding and violence in their families. Please pray for these children that the Lord would save them from the evil and they saw His love and care.

Please continue to pray for the father of our brother Misha. He is not better... Probably our Director of BOM will stay there 2-3 weeks more. No one knows...It depends how long his father will be alive. Many thanks, dear Friends.We know, God hears your prayers!

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