May 11, 2012

A half of the project is done

  I am so excited to tell you how is good the Lord and how greatly He blessed our trips to graduates even in our hard and heartbreaking days.(I will tell in the next post). A half of the project is already made. We could visit 2 orphanages where are graduates. It was wonderful time! Time of different emotions in one day. Time of joy and tears, heartbeat and fear before the future,  time of sweetness and sadness.It`s exciting and so sad day.
   Normally it is joyful day for a graduate, his friends and relatives. But not for these children, whom parents left.It was so sadly to see that around 90 children of this orphanage and only 2 parents came to rejoice with them.Can you imagine it?Only 2 parents!Oh, it so heartbreaking...How it can be?

Why they are so indifferent to these children? Why they don't rejoice of their joys? Why they left there?There can be so many questions "Why"? Even one of teachers of a graduation class shared memories at ceremony of the Last Bell. As some children grasped a skirt of the mothers and with tears didn't want them to leave, when mothers left them in this orphanage.There so many responses and it is very sadly and heavy to see them left...

 When we only arrived, children were so glad and ran to our van. It seemed that all orphanage gathered. How they rejoiced and were excited. 'Why you didn't come? We always wait for you. What happened? We missed you badly."It was so sweet  and heartwarming to hear and see them all!We were not there only several weeks. :)

Here are some photos and videos of ceremony of the Last Bell of this orphanage.
At the beginning of ceremony two graduation classes(grades) come out to all children and all greet them welcome to the applause and solemn music. Here on video is one of classes.

Then best of pupils of a graduation class solemnly under the hymn carry the Ukrainian flag. Thus the ceremony  opens.

Here the director of BOM and brother Mischa, gives the last instructing to graduates, from the Bible.

 Yes, there were many tears.

BOM provides gifts to teenagers. Here graduates sing the song about that, that a orphanage for them is the best house of their childhood. :(  Each time I watch this video and each time I cry. It is so heavy to say goodbye to darlings. It is so heavy to tell bye, whom you know for so many years... It is not easy to say goodbye to those with whom spent much time to sharing about the Lord, listening their joys and worries. They, are our  beloved children about which heart and soul hurts.

I spoke to you before, that we are going to present to these children not only kitchen utensils and blankets.

God blessed this project SO generously and greatly this year, more than we could even think.His hand was so open-handedly that we are in awe!

God blessed and we could present them the treasure, which is capable to console and bring the peace, to save their souls and to grant eternal salvation. Yes, it is the Bible, the God's word!
 Also we could present books to children, directions to young men, by name"Thoughts for Young Men". It`s wonderful book for them too!

 We are so glad of this blessing and are so grateful to the sister in the Christ, Aidan from Canada who blessed orphans with these books and the Bibles.Isn`t it the blessing? Also the part of Bibles we could find absolutely free of charge! This is REAL miracle because today to find free of charge the Bible, simply it is not impossible. But God made impossible, possible!
Graduates thank for support for all years and these gifts also.
 They presented to all of us flowers. It was so lovely and heartwarming. :)

On photo are sisters, team of BOM and on the right side, Valya who accepted Jesus recently  and becomes the young and beautiful lady. :)  Her a bit story here.
The last bell is the main part of ceremony. Where one of graduates takes on hands of the smallest kid which of all forces tries to ring the bell. It also was the last bell for graduates of the orphanage.
The kid was so happy and admired,  that he has such part to ring by bell.He was so cute!

Ceremony is closed also as opened. Under the Ukrainian hymn, graduates carry the Ukrainian flag.

It is so sadly and heart-breaking. Ira the graduate of this orphanage, was graduated last year.She came to see her brother, who graduates this year. She still doesn't study and doesn't work.For her, the girl with special needs to find a work is not impossible, and especially somewhere to study...

How many hundreds and thousands children with special needs simply disappear and exist to survive. How many hundreds and thousands tears it was spilled... How many it will be still spilled bitter tears about the destiny and about the future?We have to do something....

   Here are pictures of second orphanage where we presented gifts to graduates.It`s smallest class of graduates this year.The Lord gave the chance to us to have a meeting with teens, where we had fellowship, sang etc.
   When we rang in a orphanage and agreed about a meeting, decided when to us and for the orphanage it is better. It was very pleasant to hear when the director told: "For the sake of you I will make everything, even lessons I will cancel". Wow! It was so sweet to hear that the director, administration of a orphanage and all children so wait. When we only arrived there, children started to run and cry out loudly: "Uncle Misha goes! Uncle Misha goes!"    :)))  All orphanage met us. It was so lovely and with such joy to see them again, to hug and kiss. They were all such darlings and sweet!

  Brother Misha is singing solo.

Nadya shared her testimony
Brother Mischa gives the last instructions to teens.
 And at the end of meeting we provided them gifts.

All these meetings were simply great and wonderful!Graduates and administration of orphanages were amazed by gifts!It was gorgeous and priceless gifts!
Thanks to you, our dear friends, these orphans received these magnificent gifts, brought so much joy and delight to children and workers of orphanages. Your opened hands and hearts not only covers needs of children, but  expresses glory and gratitude to Jesus Christ.Your love spills in hearts of orphans and workers of orphanages that brings delight and praise to Jesus.Thank you so much!!!


  1. Makes me sad to see their tears. :'( Graduation for teens should be a happy time but in this case it's not.

  2. Orphanage is a home for them.And they do not wish to leave it...


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