April 16, 2012

Such a lot of joy!!!

Do you see such big crowd of our beloved God`s creations?Do you see these happy precious faces with packages in hands?Yeahhhh! We could visit them and present them your gifts of love!

It was awesome blessing to see them again and see such happy hearts.It was even more than wonderful meeting!There were such a lot of joy and happy tears.We knew how girls will be happy.But they were MORE happy than we expected!Wow!I even can not describe you how much emotions and thrilled moments were there!IT WAS AWESOME!We only rejoiced, praised and thanked the Lord in our hearts. :)

I will begin in sequence what we did and how spent time with children.I`m so exciting to do that!

At the beginning we had a program with them instead of the Bible lesson as usual. It was great time!
When we learned with them the new song about friendship, we played some games.

Game is called, "Feed the friend". The one of participants are blindfolded and she/he blindly shall feed the friend. Those win who the first will eat.It was very funny, when among younger kids, one of girls(in blue jacket) instead of that what to feed the friend. She ate one part of a cake and only then gave the second part to the friend. :)))

Also we had Bible story about Jonathan and David.We took older girls to help with that.

Girls were excited to play role during history.Natasha was Jonathan.She was such happy to learn to shoot the arrows!

The best friends, Jonathan and David are saying goodbye.  :)

We had such great time!

But how children were impressed, when learned that they will receive a gift!They were excited soooooooo much!There were a LOT of joy!WOW!

Here is a short video of their reaction. :)

Each time I view this video, each time I`m crying.They are sooooo precious and sweet.Look at them how they are excited their gifts.It`s awesome!

It seems that this adorable cutie kid is saying. "Is this all so a lot of stuff for me?Wooow!"

Isn`t she cute?Do You know who this lovely creature? This is small Masha who still waits her loving family.
For those who does not know, she is listed on Reece`sRainbow.

Such a lot of joy, so many impressions, so many blessings!
Dear mommy where are you?...Do you know your precious little angel kissed her new shoes?Yes, she did it.When Masha took out her new shoes, she was soooo excited and kissed that.

Isn`t her smiling is precious?

Such happy her new gift!I believe, if you would here.You would receive such as that hundreds sweet hugs!So, children "send" hugs to you all!  :)

Do you see this crying girl?

You won't believe but she cried when received the gift.She wiped tears, but they slid on her cheeks again and again...
Yes.It was tears of happiness.It was tears of overwhelmed heart and your love, sweet friends. She felt your amazing love and gentle care.Isn`t amazing?

This day was awesome!We were sooooo happy to see such amazing smiling faces with shining eyes!

Thank you dear friends about care of these orphans.Your greatly love astonish and make them happy, brought a lot of joy and tears of happiness.Your gentle care helped them in needs and thankful prayers to Jesus.You make a difference friends in their lives!Thank you!Lots of love to you and hugs!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the joy.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Thank you, Amy!It`s very sweet.

  3. Watched the videos with Masha in them over and over. What a cute little girl. I just can't wait to meet her! It takes a long time to get all the home study and paper work done but hopefully next winter we will get to see this precious little princes. Thank you for everything you do for these girls and especially our darling Masha.

    1. Yes, Masha is such, as you speak. We are happy to make in lives of these girls everything, what we are able. We pray for you and so exciting she will be in such beautiful family as you are.


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