November 11, 2011

A wonderful visit!

Last week we had amazing and wonderful visit to girls with special needs!God has blessed and we had such great time with children!
I`m so sorry I did not post earlier.I could not do it because of many different  circumstances here.I was going to do it every day but it was heavy to find a time.Hope you understand.I`m so sorry again!
And yesterday when I almost finished, I needed to publish it, the internet itself had disconnected.I could not call to service, it was too late, at night time.

So, finally I can share with you the amazing meeting we had and God`s blessings!I`m so exciting to tell you about ALL blessings and how is good our Lord Jesus!

Before spending time with girls we have presented school supplies to the orphanage.Yes!Finally we could do it!Sweet friends, you needed to see how staff of orphanage was happy!They were amazed by that and thanked much!
We thank each of you to being blessing to this orphanage with school supplies!We thank you for each prayer, for each donation, for each any step you did to bless these children!Thank you so much to help them in their need and bring joy and happiness to them!Thank you to being light of Jesus Christ in this world! Just big thank you from bottom of our hearts!!!

 This is not all.We brought to them an educating literature what helps to teach kids.We gave it to them, that they look at that and chose what they need most and how many.And after that we would buy and bring books they need.Well.We did not expect reaction as that.They have run to these books like birds to bread!Ok.We thought to help only small kids(with books), they have here younger kids not many.But teachers of older groups heard about school supplies and about education books, they have run to a room very fast, where we had meeting. And they pleaded us to help them with books.
 You may think why teachers want to get these books much? Here is answer, because they have nothing!Can you imagine how they can teach children with special needs, not having any books, not having any teaching aids, not having any things what can help to educate these children? It is very heavy! How children can learn to read, math, develop, etc? I think it is unreal! 

Dear and sweet friends, followers, supporters and just guests, with heavy and overwhelmed hearts we plead you to help this orphanage with books they need.We need $1014.Yes, it is very big sum! But there is bigger need with education books for 90 kids.It is includes our project with school supplies.We have $112.5 from your donations for school supplies.We need still a lot. We ask you to help in this need.Orphanage do not have finances for these books.That is why they ask us much to help them.
Please, pray, donate, share on social networks, blogs or anywhere you can about this need.Each $ and cent is appreciating.Time is going and we need your help. Please, can you help us to help this orphanage?Thank you!God bless you!

 After that we could to have meeting with girls!Oh my goodness, what a blessed time we had!I even can not explain to you how children were happy to see us and how they were excited by everything!We were soooo blessed at this day and we praised the Lord for His mercy and to being soooo good to us!The day was such amazing!

We had Bible time and have told them Bible story about Jonah.How he did not obey God and ran away from Him.

                                    Our puppet show for smallest ones.
                                   Nadya told the Bible history.
 Children were amazed by seeing our whale!But they were so much impressed more when we turned on sounds of sea, sea-gulls and voices of whales!It was so beautiful!
 They were amazed and asked often what that?"What that?" They never heard voices of whales.It was so much interesting to observe their reaction!We hope they will remember this history for a long time.

 After Bible story, we have learned a new song with them, with movements about Jonah.They loved this song!

 We worried that it will be heavy for them probably as it is a new song.But they did it very good and they enjoyed by this song!
During a meeting we repeated it several times that they remember good.

 And we had fun time.We played a game.When music was playing. children passed on one other a toy dolphin.We did not have a whale.We think dolphin or killer whale it was good too.:) Thanks God, it came in time.

 When music stoped and a child who has a toy in this time needed to give answer on question about history about Jonah.We call this game "Hot a potato".They loved to pass on the toy much!It was real fun!

 And we learned a Bible verse too. " obey is better than sacrifice..." 1Samuel 15:22(b)(KJV)
We took only some part of this verse that they remember better, because here children with special needs.
Girls did catch a fish.The verse were written and hidden on blackboard.The fish were by numbered.Which number of fish they catch, this number of word we opened on blackboard.This way we played and learned verse.Also some fishes had surprises.We were going to play this game with small children.Some small ones could not be with us at this time.:(
But we were surprised when older girls wanted to catch fish too!It was not easy sometimes but very fun!

Do you see these girls who lifted their hands up?
We had a moment during our meeting when they asked Jesus Christ saved them.Is not amazing?Is not a blessing?Is not our God good? Praise the Lord!!!
 Girls wanted we make picture with all of us together and our whale. :)
Sisters gave candies.

 Ok.Next several pictures are girls with whale.They loved it so much that all they wanted to make picture with him. :))) We have hundreds pictures!Here are only several of them. :)

One more blessing we had, that we could to witness about Jesus Christ to several workers.We praise God and thanks Him for this opportunity!

The 5 girls were sick and could not be with us.They were in isolated room.
 It is such sad place.Girls get here when they sick not much.When they sick much, they get to hospital.
In this room is nothing except beds.
 No toys, no books, no other furniture, nothing.They lie on their beds all day long and get medicine when nurse give pills in time.It is how they spend all day there, lying in bed all day long, nothing to do.
 We pray that we can help this orphanage to leave here something, that will help girls to be busy while they sick.It can be puzzles, coloring books, some games etc.

 When we left orphanage, girls waved their hands and watched through  windows, as every time.It is so sad to leave them here.:(

Next week we are going to 4 orphanages, if God`s will.In two of them will have Bible lessons as usual and in others two, to have program and bring school supplies we have.Here and here.
 Please, will you pray together with us God will bless our visits, safe travelings and our schedule?Thank you!

Soon I`m going to tell about one more huge blessing we have! :)

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