May 28, 2012

Denied because of Down Syndrome...

I looked and cried.It breaks my heart... It were tears of bitterness and tears of happiness.

Elena Muzolevskaya wants to adopt a girl with Down syndrome, but officials forbid her to do it.
A resident of Simferopol Muzolevskaya Elena - qualified nurse and mother of two children. Hearing the story of Veronica - a girl with Down syndrome, abandoned by their parents, Elena wanted to adopt a child, but local officials denied her in this. In the studio, "To say Ukraine" to discuss whether there is in our country, unspoken discrimination against children with Down`s syndrome and why these children do not allow to adopt.

I`m so sorry that this video is on Russian. :( Probably someone knows Russian or someone who would help with it... It is necessary to watch!

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