October 6, 2011

Strongest man

 We have talked about strongest man in Bible with kids in this orphanage.This is Samson.And we had great time with kids at this day!
Our meeting was as usual.We continue to learn about Bible heroes. We have learned a new song about power of God, have played different games, had Bible history, made craft and just had fun time. 
We all time say to kids we have travel on Bible and something has to happen each time.We will get a new knowledge and exciting moments.
And they LOVE to learn Bible!That is such great blessing for us!We are so glad to bring Gospel to orphans! What a blessing!WOW!

Before the Bible story we have played a few games, to see who is strongest boy in class.All boys wanted to show how they are strong!

It was real fun to see how they tried to show their strength. Those who thought they are strongest, they lost.Boys enjoyed much to play this game!

And it was funny when girls wanted to show their strength too! :) All kids loved these games!

After that we have talked about strongest men in Ukraine.They are Klitschko Vladimir and his brother Vitaliy and Vasiliy Virastyuk. In 2003 he was World's Strongest Man.
"How they became so strong?After many and many physical trainings.But Bible tells us a story about man who was strongest without physical trainings because God gave strength him." Children were AMAZED to hear it! They enquired is it real?WOW!

After Bible history about Samson,we have played a game, where kids needed to answer on questions about this story.
We made barbells from small balloons and drinking straws. They looked amusing. :)
Children made choice of colorful barbells they wanted.They were numbered also.The balloon which was numbered and they did choice, that number of question they answered.

 But we wanted it will fun more for children to play this game.When they picked up barbells, they needed to lift their hands up and then "struggle", until they listened question and give answering. :)

They loved this game and had fun time!Many of children wanted to play this game again and again. :)

Here how they have learned Bible verse with gestures.When we were learning it, we explained to children.How God gave strength to Samson, He can give us a strength to get the victory over a sin.
The verse is "O Lord, my strength and my fortress..." Jeremiah 16:19
I know many of you will not understand what they are saying because of language.But we excited so much how they have learned and they liked this verse! That I wanted to share this video with you. :)

Than children made craft Samson with same Bible verse.

The sweet boy is enjoying by his craft.This boy is very special to us. Even he is 14 years old, he can not read and many things he can not do.And he is ignored by many those who thinks he is not as everyone. :(
 But he is so exciting by our meetings! He LOVES it much!When he see us, he begin to run to us, helps to carry our bags etc. He is soooo sweet and kind boy!We are soooooooo glad to see him so happy!

In the end of our meeting we gave to kids  balloons! WOW!They were in delight of this little gift!

We had such wonderful and amazing meeting with kids!We are so glad!

Also we had a small blessing that a teacher of one of this class she could to be with us and hear the God`s Word.I think that is great that seeds of God`s word were have sown on field of her heart.Really she is kind teacher.But any person even very kind and sweet is need in Jesus to be saved.Please, pray for teachers and workers of orphanages.Thank you!Blessings!


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  2. Amazing to see God's word shared across the world! Keep up the great work!


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