October 31, 2011

A literature or teaching books for children with special needs

Here on picture, what you see are education books and literature for children. 

   These books help teacher to teach children.Also these books are what children use at schools. Using  these books, children learn to read, write, math.These all books for healthy children who study in usual schools.
  In Ukraine you will find hundreds and hundreds different education books and literature what helps teachers and pupils.Also so many publishing firms here what print and publish thousands books for education of children.That is very good!

But you will not find any book or literature for children with special needs...And that is BIG problem!

Recently our sisters looked for teaching books for children with special needs.They have been in biggest store of books we have.And seller-woman were surprised to hear questions about special literature.She said, she never heard some one asked for literature for children with special needs and this store never have sold something like it.This store is biggest store in our region!That is very and very sad.

I would tell that children with special needs do not have education.But I can not tell it exactly, because children in orphanages get education.But this education is very and very poor.I can not tell it is "education" because Ukraine does not have special educational program for children with special needs.
They use teaching books for normal kids, because they do not have others.

But anyway I do not want to speak what Ukraine has or not, what she does or not for children with special needs.I want to say about our desire and idea which we have in our hearts.

We think what if some one will send to us educational good books for children with special needs, what to help to teach them read, to write, math etc.

 We would find translator, who would  translate it to Ukraine language.After that we would be to print it and to present to orphanages who do not have any literature.Think about it.Can you imagine, what a blessing will be for teachers, who do not have ANY educational book and not just simple but for children with special needs? Can you imagine it? Children would get much better education they have now!I`m sure it would much help orphanages! It would be great blessing for administration of orphanages, teachers and for children!It would be something amazing and incredible!

Yes, it is NOT easy!Yes, it is required a lot of finances, people who would agree to help, to translate, to print etc.Yes, it takes MUCH time.But, think about result!Think about orphans who get very poor education and think about teachers who do not have ANY literature.We need it only for a two orphanages.
Think, about how we can show God`s love to orphans and the light of Jesus Christ we can show together to staff of orphanages too.

Yes, probably it is more heavy than we think.But we have burden and desire in our hearts to help orphans get better education and enjoying their life as much as it possible.

Yes, we have nothing! But we have God who can do something!  In His word He says:
 "Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?"Jeremiah 32:27
Who knows maybe some day God will answer our prayers? :)

For now we begin to pray about this great need. Will you join us in our prayers to Jesus?Will you pray together with us?We would be very thankful!

And we do not know what are good foreign educational books.We would very thankful if someone would to help, to find something and let us know.Or someone know good teacher with special needs and can speak with her/him, ask to advise something good.Thank you!

Probably some one have better idea.We would glad if you share it with us.Or just let us know.What do you think?Is it real to do it?


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  1. Nice to read this information about the Books For Children which is so informative...


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