October 1, 2011

Heavenly manna to orphans

Well.Finally I can share with you one more traveling to an orphanage we had last week.Yes, it was blessed and amazing meeting with kids!
I`m so sorry it is late little.Sometimes it is hard to find time, because we are busy here, and plus 2 orphanages we began to visit regularly as before.And we visited orphanages this week too.I will share with you about it in next posts.Plus more people began to write to us and I need time to answer. And it takes me some hours to post about any visit. :) But I love to share with you about how great and good our Lord Jesus! I love to share with you about our visits to orphans! I love to share our blessings and gladness! And it is BIG blessing for us to receive your e-mails, your encouragements and love.What a blessing to hear and know someone pray about poor orphans in Ukraine and our team too!We are exciting much to recieve your e-mails with wish to help orphans! And we are happy to see new followers and readers! :)
Thank you each one for all you do for children here, whom are need love and care! BIG thank you for your kindness and love!God bless you!

Ok.Let`s come back to our visit of orphans last Saturday.I`m so exciting to share it with you, about blessed visit we had!
The topic of our meeting was Heavenly manna.When God fed Israelites by food.Exodus 16-17:1-7 It was fun so much, when we have told them Bible history, all children acted in it.When they have heard the word water, they showed how they drink. When they heard the word meat, they said "yummy-yummy" and showed it on their belly.And when they have heard the word grumble, they made angry face.

They just loved it so much and excited by Bible story!

This meeting with kiddos was little different than usual we have because we fed them.
As Bible says manna was taste like wafers made with honey.Exodus 16:31We wanted they excited by that and have taste and see honey.

So, we bought honey, cookies and gave to children.They were surprised and could not wait until we gave it to them.Oh, my goodness how they were happy to taste it! They were soooooo glad and enjoyed by that! So many emotions you could to see there!
They often said "Oh, how it is Yummy-yummy"! "WOW!That is good!"
 Many of them did not want to eat it at once.They licked honey little by little.Or did bite off piece of cookie a little.Most kids first time ever eat honey!

They were so much interested to taste it!All kids LOVED it so much!WOW!

It even had bring to heel some kids, who did not obey and did not want to listen us during some part of meeting.We were amazed to see how they began to listen and obey!WOW!

Many children have families who do not care about them, do not train them etc. So, many not good things they brought from their homes.Yes, it is sad much and breaks your heart.But we believe and know children are very kind and they will changed, just need a time.

But who is better than they are?We all are not perfect, everyone does a sin before the Lord.But God loves us even we do a sin! If we confess sins before God, He forgives and give a strength to go ahead.
And one more thing.These kids are with special needs.Their sickness reminds about itself sometimes.

These kids need help, love, care what they do not receive in their homes.They are not protected from this evil world and they are hungry much of  fellowship. Our wish is help them to do right, teach what Bible says etc.We are happy and excited by that!

We are happy that cookies with honey helped us much! :)

Well, we wanted to save honey for next orphanage but children loved their sweets and asked us more.
Can we say not, to those who are hungry? Can we say no, if we see how they were happy to get it? Can we say no to those whom we love? :)

                                           Ah, how they are so and so sweet!
Also children LOVED much to pick up manna to container by spoon.A child who will pick a lot of manna for some time, this wins.

Short video

When we have learned Bible verse by game, we made craft with children.
Oh, yes!They LOVED it sooo much!We made a guail with Bible verse at the top.Kids glued everything on half of disk, has cut apart before.They loved it!

Children so much loved to make this craft that even older teens came to do it or help smaller kids!
Sasha already finished with teens and they came to us in the end.

                                                  Sweet ones with their crafts. :)

Here are few pictures when Sasha had meeting with teens.Usually they have Bible time, songs and fun time.They love it much and enjoying to being there!

We had wonderful and great time with orphans!So much thankful to Jesus for His blessings!

Some days later I was talking by phone with a one teacher of this orphanage.She let us know, children were amazed by last meeting and could not calm during several days, how they were glad!WOW! What a blessing! What blessing that kids had positive emotions!

Thank you!Thank you each one for prayers and care!Blessings!


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