February 6, 2011

Amazing meeting with orphans!

Yesterday God gave us opportunity to visit orphans again.The all our team could to go and have meeting with kids.
Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with older kids.They have talked about 10 commandments and obedience to God.Also they sang songs and had fun time.
Children love to hear God`s Word and ask difference questions about God.They wait all time to have a meeting like that.We try to do that to be their good Christian friends and give answer to their questions.

                                                         Lyuba with teens

In this time other part of team Alla, Nadya and Oksana had meeting with smaller children 6-11 years old.
We told  Bible history to children about 2 brothers Jacob and Esau.Also during lesson we sang song, have played games to learn Bible verse and remember better the Bible history.
Children liked very much to play act characters of Bible hero when we have  told to them Bible history.
Also  we fed to them Ukrainian borsch and piece of bread.Why? Bible says when Esau sold his day of birthright to Jacob because of  red pottage.Ukrainian borsch is red color also.We cooked and have fed children that they will remember this history better and because children hungry often in orphanages.

Dear Friends you need to see their hungry in same time happy eyes! How they were glad to eat it! We can not describe, you  need to see it! When they have done to eat, some children asked borsch more.It is not all!They still were hungry!We had few  lees of bread and children asked more bread also!

Michael director of ministry could to witness about Jesus to employers of orphanage in this time when the team had meeting with kids.Praise the Lord for one more opportunity!

 We had amazing meeting with kids!We all were happy to see all kids and spent time with them, have told to them about Jesus Christ and  fed them!

Here are some pictures and video.

                                    Kids are playing act of Bible heros.
                                Children are eating  Ukrainian borsch.

                       Oksana are putting a sour cream to borsch.Children love it much!

                                             Happy Ann with borsch!

                                        Children ask for more food.
                           Children eating just piece of bread.They were still hungry...                                      

                                               Poor and  hungry kids....

Dear Friend, please help these orphans in their needs...If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us.Thank you on behalf of these orphans! May the Lord richly bless you!

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