October 27, 2011

School Supplies for Orphans

Hello everyone!Finally I can share with you an amazing blessing we have! First of all I would love to thank you everyone for your sweet e-mails, encouragements, prayers and support.You all are awesome and wonderful friends!Big thank you! :) God bless you for your sweet hearts!

With joy in my heart I want to let you know we raised $710 for school supplies to orphans with your help!It is for all period.Is not amazing? How is good Lord Jesus! What a blessing!
We have bought a LOT OF things need to children and orphanages.These are exercise books, sketchbooks, playdough, pens, pencils, printer paper, colorful pencils, glue stick, paint, brushes, exercise books with printer base paper etc.

These all supplies you can see on pictures.

These are pens.Children in Ukrainian schools write by blue pens.Can they use black pens?Yes, but only pupils of older classes.

This is how look exercise book inside.
We have bought exercise books on 12 sheets for young kids and commonplace-books for older children, 48 sheets.
The Exercise books with printer base paper how is look inside.Children learn about Ukraine, some things from geography, nature, biology etc. and fill in and dye special places in these exercise books.Just let you know these exercise books we bought only to an one orphanage, not in all orphanages children do that.

For English speaking persons I would like to let you know that children learn English in one orphanage. :) They need special workbooks.
Inside of workbook
It is sad that only healthy children can learn English.We minister most orphans with special needs and they do not learn English.But in several orphanages they would do that, if they have enough finances.I am sure children would LOVE it!And they really exciting to hear English words! :)
We are so happy we were able to buy it to help orphans!We are so glad by God`s love and His care about them!And we are sooo happy you are God`s tools in His wonderful hands, whom He use for His glory! :)

It is not all! During these days(hope tomorrow) we are going to buy more school supplies.I will show you pictures and let you know about it soon when we will do that.

 So, our Project School Supplies still continue.We do not know the end.Administration of orphanages let us know, children need everything now.But they will be happy to get it when we will bring.
We hope next week to visit several orphanages if God`s will.Please, pray God will help us do that and organize.Thank you!

We are so exciting and can not wait to see children and bring to them this wonderful blessings!We are enjoying to see them again and tell about God`s love and His care!
We would love to thank each one who donated, prayed, told others and did any little step that to help orphans.
Thankfully each of you we are able to bless precious creation of God and sweet ones who are needy care and love!

Our Project still continue until God will show us a date of the end.We decided to continue until we will have enough to help all 760 orphans(who educate).We still need a lot.We would be thankful if you continue to pray God will bless orphans in their needs.Thank you!God bless you!

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