October 13, 2011

Joyful moments and worries

Last Saturday we were able to visit this orphanage and had blessing time with kiddies.Each journey is different.We have joyful and happy moments during spending time with darling ones to us.Also we see sad moments, which crush and break our hearts...

But I would love to start with joyful and happy moments we had at this day.

The topic of our lesson was 12 spies when they went to check out promised by God of land.Nadya has told this Bible story and she does it perfect all time. :) Children listened attentively this history.

Children were so MUCH impressed when they saw binoculars!What that? many asked.Some asked:"Is it real?" 
Here when they came to me up and wanted to see.We took binoculars to show children how today people check everything out on border, to catch spies etc.  WOW! Children were impressed by that so much!Especially boys! You know how boys love all these things.:) It was funny!
 But what a surprise was when came to the class our two "spies" and they brought huge grape!Children were amazed!
But it was real so funny to see how these two boys were excited much to be these spies.When they were putting on clothes(in corridor), they all time said "how great is that!"
They were excited so much by that  and it was honour for them to act in this history.They looked sooooo funny when they could not control their emotions.:) I LOVE it! I love soooo much to see exciting kiddies! :)

After Bible story when we sang little, we could to play several games.Here Children needed find words about history they listened.They did good job!
                                          They all wanted to find words!

Next game.Children choose numbered "berry" of grape they wanted and gave answer on question.

It was funny some.We used sticky scotch tape which helps to hold our "grape" on big sheet.When children separated berry, our magnets did not hold sheet good.We needed to hold sheet, help children to separate berry because sheet was moving on blackboard.
And in the end we made craft, Spies carrying grape.Children LOVED it!And they exciting all time to make a craft. :)

Next pictures are teens.They were in next class.
 Sasha and Lyuba had wonderful time with them too.They were talking about faithfulness to the Lord, faithfulness between friends, faithfulness in any good acts etc.
We had wonderful  and blessed time with kids!Children were amazed and joyful!We were so blessed at this day!
The next are worries, stress and sadness I have in my heart. I would love to share it with you.Each time we visit these precious kids, each time they let us know they do not eat enough. They get only two pieces of bread for each meal.They can not eat more because not enough food, bread etc.I know director of this orphanage loves children and cares about them.She does everything she can do.But orphanage has not enough money, so they save as much as they can that cover other needs.

My heart broke and crush for them. Last days I can not eat good, I can not sleep, I can not stop to think about them and I can not stop pray for them.I remember all moments when we give them any sweets, food and whatever and how they are happy to recieve it!I`m typing and crying.Crying because it is heavy to see their eyes waiting for you to give something but we are not able...We are not able to help them...It became more heavy when you understand you can not help.The big lump is in my throat and tears running, tears of sorrow and hopelessness.It is very heavy to explain what I feel in my heart...I`m trying do not cry but I can not.Tears do not stop to run...It is very heavy to say all this.

I know what feel this children.I know well how children hidden bread under clothes, in pockets or everywhere they can that bring it to their room.How children eat it that no one see, especially caretaker.If they eat not enough, they took and eat only bread, because they have nothing.Or they begin to steal...If children   malnourished some later they get sickness.If they do not get good medication, they suffer all their life with their sickness.I know what they feel and think because I was in their shoes(when I was in orphanage).My heart is broken and overwhelmed...Our prayer and pleading is to Jesus is to help these poor children...

I think we must do something.We christians should to care about orphans, to be hands of Jesus Christ, because Bible says James1:27. We pray we can help them.We think what if we will bring to them food each our visit or when we will be able.Food what they can take to their room and eat there or whatever they can.There are about 90 children.We need $1 for a child.We ask you please, pray we can help them.
We do want to let you know of our need for funds and we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of the blessing of this ministry.
Will you lift up our pleading to Jesus together with us?Please, will you bless only $1 to feed an orphan?
We would be happy to hear any comment, e-mail or whatever how we can help orphans.Maybe some one has better idea.Thank you!
Thank you so much for your prayers, support and love!Blessings!


  1. Oh, my heart hurts for these children. They are in my prayers daily and we will help as we are able.

    Praying also for your sweet heart. It must break daily as you are surrounded by constant need.

  2. Oh, thank you Dear Friend!We need a lot of prayers!


As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Proverbs 25:25


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