October 10, 2011

Blessed meetings

Here I would like to share with you a meeting with orphans what our team had a week ago.
As all time we divided all kids on two groups, smaller and older.We had just wonderful time with kids!It was awesome! But not all small children could to be there, because half of them were sick. :(  Now everything is ok and they are healthy.Praise the Lord!
The topic of lesson was 10 commandments with small kiddies.Children could to remember last Bible history.And they did it perfect!Also they sang, played games, listened the new Bible story etc. They were excited VERY much by games and the new song we have learned with them.They LOVED it!

Also we saw sad moments.:( As there are many children do not have toys, they have picked up bits and pieces of blown balloons at once from the floor and they played with it trying to make small balls.
It breaks and hurts our hearts to see that. :( Oh, how I wish to give them everything if I could to make them happy if a little.Oh, how I would like they have enough games and toys to play...I only dream and dream about that to see happy these darling kids.It overwhelms my heart to bend my knees in prayer about these poor kids.

As we had game with drinking straws so after game, we gave it to kids as small gifts.They were so glad to receive it!They even asked us it before game to give to them.
Please, know gifts and toys you send, it is huge blessing to orphans!Big Thank You everyone to be blessings for them!

When we had meeting with small ones, Sasha and Lyuba had meeting with teens.They had amazing time with teens too!Children were excited much by everything!
God is so good to us! We were amazed and blessed by these meetings!

I did not post here as usually.I decided to make video.Hope you will like it. :))) Enjoy! Blessings!

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