June 28, 2011

Meeting with smallest precious cuties

The Lord Jesus has blessed and gave opportunity to our team visited smallest kids we serve.

This is Children`s Home where are about 60 precious cuties 2-7 years old.They all are mental healthy and  there about 20 kids who can be adopted.When children come to 7 years old they transfer to study and live to an orphanage.Where they meet many troubles, trials, tears, fears, indignity, insults and etc.

How it can be that this darlings and beautiful children meet these terrible things and much much more?

How it can be if a boy or girl crying, their tears cleans by not mommy or daddy but someone else?

Why no one does not read Bible or tell stories about great  hero of Bible before the night?

Why they do not have own doll or car or any other toy?

Why these cuties do not know who is mammy or daddy and do not know how to be in family?

Why they do not know and do not feel kisses and hugs of parents?

Why these small precious kids do not get Birthday gifts, never do not eat cake, sweets,  not blew out candles and do not have friends who can celebrate their special day?

You can not look at them without tears of sorrow...

Many and many same questions you can ask. It is very heavy to answer...It is heavy burden in our hearts about these nice kids. One i know Bible says: "...and the whole world lieth in wickedness."  1 John 5:19(b)

One cute boy told us, when we asked him: "Do you want to be in the heaven with Jesus?" He answered: "Yes and  I would like to meet there mommy and daddy."
Can you imagine it? These little beautiful kids all time think about their parents! Sometimes when we come they ask us: "Did you see my mommy?" "Why she did not come with you?" or you can hear "Are you my mommy?" and twitches your hand or your skirt and looks at your eyes fixedly.
What we can answer to them? What we have to tell them where their parents?Oh, it is so heavy...very very heavy...It crush your heart...

That is why our team comes to visit these abandoned and darling kids.That is why we try to tell them about Who never will leave them, He loves and cares about them.All comfort and piece they can find only in Him. We love them so much! Oh, how they are precious and sweet!

So, what our team did with these little cuties?

When kids saw our Director Misha outside, they started to run toward him and huged like bees of honey.Misha could not move and thought  that he will fall down in a moment. It was soooo funny! Oh, how they are sweet!

Before children came to the hall where we usually have meeting with them, our team was preparing for program.
                                Here team doing our puppet stage.
When children came to the hall and saw our team, they were glad! They knew that the puppet show waiting for them and something special!They were smiling and took their places on chairs to sit down. Some were spanking by hands and said WOW! They were much exciting!
                                         So, here is our puppet show.

                                                         Short video

This time we told them Bible story about Daniel in den. Sisters have chosen kids who helped in story and have played acts of heroes.
I think our king Darius is perfect! :) He is sooo cute! Is not he sweet? And all kids did great job during story!
They like it much!All children did enjoy by this story!
Also kids have played a game where they needed to burst a balloon the way they wanted and will find tortile piece of paper.
Words of Bible verse were written on piece of papers. When children have found all words, they learned Bible verse.
And as all time they all wanted to play this game! Children love balloons! Sometimes it is heavy to choose a child for a game!

Here is short video of this game.It was funny when a girl needed to burst a balloon.But she started to play with it! How is sweet! And how a little boy decided to help her to burst the balloon.They are so funny! :)))

Also children were able to play in game "Pin a tail on the lion".There are were many kids who wanted to play!
                                                 They did real good!

And in the end of the meeting the team gave candies to children.
Oh, how they love sweets!They were glad to get it!

Our dream and wish is to present to them much more, not a one candy! Are they did not deserve much more gifts or sweets?
God wants to give them much more! We are not able and we need your helping... Please, will you bless these precious, darling and beloved kids? Thank you!

As this Children`s Home is in village. We think maybe you will be interest to see pictures. Here are several of them lives in village of Ukraine.

   Grandmothers coming back from forest with blueberries.

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  1. Such precious little ones. I'm so glad you were able to share some Bible lessons and candy with them. I'm sure it was a blessing to them.

    How heartbreaking that they ask about their parents.

    I loved your village pictures.


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