June 10, 2011

Blessing trip and prayer requests

After visiting girls in special orphanage, the next day Tuesday we were able to visit other orphans with special needs.There are only boys age 6-35 years old.
 Yes!We had so wonderful and great day! Many of you praying for us! We are so thankful to you!
We had so blessing time with kids!

 During our fellowship with children and workers of orphanage, we sang songs.Boys LOVE guitar!

                                                    We used our puppet show

Before the Bible story we had object lesson. The 2 plastic bottles were under bedsheet, the one was empty, second with half of water.Children needed to guess which bottle was with water. After that some one pushed the empty bottle and it did fall down.

Nadya explained to children.The bottle is our flesh, the water is our faith. The faith in Jesus Christ helps us in our life in heavy time, in temptations, be strong, courageous etc. As empty bottle fall down, it is a flesh who has not  faith in Jesus.

After object lesson we told to them a Bible story about Daniel.
Here is short video. Many of you will not understand.But maybe it will be interesting to hear Ukrainian language. :)))
We chosen older boys who helped us to play acts, of king Darius and Daniel.

After that we have played games.
Here children needed  burst a balloon and say what the word was inside of the balloon.The words of Bible verse were written on piece of paper before. When they told a word of Bible, we wrote on black board.

 In the end of game Nadya learned with them verse.Boys enjoyed much this game!

Oksana and Lyuba conducted the game "Pin the tail on the lion". They did string a mask on a child's face.

It was real funny when boys did pin the tail in wrong place!They loved so much and enjoyed this game!

And in the end we sang with them a song we have learned with them in the beginning.

God was so good to us and He has blessed us in this day!We were able give bananas to all boys!What a blessing and joy was for them in this day!They LOVE much bananas! As they went to eat, we decided to give them in their dining room.

Also in this orphanage God gave us opportunity to speak about Jesus with several workers of orphanage!There are many people who would like to hear more about God.They are hungry of God word!

We have one more blessing! We have prayed for this orphanage during some time to have there regularly Bible lessons with kids.The administration of orphanage did let us to do it! WOW!What the blessing we have! We are going to them very soon! We are so exciting by this blessing! How is great and wonderful our Lord Jesus!How He is mercy to all of us! What the mighty God we serve!

But there are a LOT of needs! We have spoken with administration of orphanage and they beg us to help them with clothes and shoes(sandals) to boys!
But we can do only with your helping! Please, please can any one to help send clothes to them and shoes?There 90 boys, 6-35 years old. We pray Jesus will do miracle and answer on prayers!

Also the building has very old windows.Sorry we do not have pictures. Soon we are going there and we hope to make pictures.In winter the wind blows through windows and children are freeze and sick often because of it. Can please any one to help orphans will not freeze next winter? The building is very big. But we think if we would to help them with 10 new windows.It would be a great blessing for them. For only 10 windows necessary about $1800.With work to place it $2.250. It is a lot we know!Please, pray together with us God will do miracle!

Also youngest children does not have a place where to play. Their swings are very old and worn out. It is  dangerous to play for children there. We have to pray VERY much to help this orphanage to do a new playground.For this need $5000 . Please, please, pray God will help us to help orphans in their needs! Thank you for your prayers!!!

Also in this same day, by the way we were able to visit boys in mental institution. We did not have Bible time as usually, because we did not have time. But we were able gave to them bananas and oranges! Also we could to play with them there! What a blessing we had!
Yes, we got tired with them very much because each boy wanted to play with him! We have small team but many kids sometimes it is heavy. But we are happy! We are happy much, God gives us opportunity to visit these precious kids!And we praise Jesus for each opportunity!

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