June 7, 2011

Next day

As i promised to you  will let you know little by little our journeys to orphans we had 2 weeks ago (before graduation of orphans).
When we have visited orphans on Friday. Next day it was Saturday we were able to visit orphans(boys) in mental institution.

What a great day we had!Some even more volunteers(members of our Church) could to be with us and helped in ministry.

We had big "team" and it was such big blessing! Yes, it was more easier for us, because each child necessary care and attention.We really were glad by it and thankful to the lord!

We had a wonderful day with kids in this day! We divided all kids by 2 groups, younger and older. We had Bible time with each of group of children. We sang song with movements, they really excited that! They LOVE guitar!

This time we told them Bible story about Daniel in lion den.Yes, we told to them very simple way, they will understand clear.We hope they understand.Because their knowledges are very and very poor. They never have seen lion.We had to explain to them what is the animal a lion. We used visual illustrations to show them lions and they all listened attentively the Bible story.

                                                      Here we used puppet show.

Also we have played a game with them "Pin the tail on the lion".It was real funny and boys excited by this game! They did great job!
And in the end of our meeting, children made crafts. Daniel is with lion. 

They needed to color one side of the picture, other side of the picture already was colored. The crafts was two-sided. They watched on the example and color it. After that we helped them glued and have  cut out and placed onto wooden stick.

God has blessed and we were able to give to them whole banana, not half how we gave them last time because we were not able.:) They love much bananas! Some boys even asked more!We had a great and wonderful time with these boys!

After that we could to visit and have played with kids who are heavy much. It is most of all heavy place. They also necessary  love and care. Usually we use here puppet show and guitar. After we gave them bananas we could to have played with them. Oh, how they were glad! Many of them smiled and pulled their hands to play with them!Yes, we did it! We have played with them, tickled, rotated, kept carried in our hands, had swing and stroked their heads.Some of kiddos love just jump.

Really,we got tired much! We had 2 groups of kids Bible lesson and after that, we have played with other children. But we were happy! We were glad much we could to see these sweet, precious and adorable kids! We were glad to spend time with them and showed if only a little bit God love!

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