June 16, 2011

The first Bible lesson in special orphanage for boys!

Oh my goodness!WOW! What a great journey we had!Thank you everyone for prayers!Jesus answers them!We are so exciting and amazed! We soooo happy by this God blessing!I even do not know enough words to describe what we feel and how we are thankful to the Lord!We had the first Bible lesson in this orphanage!How God is good to us!

A little bit about orphanage. This is orphanage for boys with special needs, mental retarding, autism, Down syndrome etc. They are 4-35  years old.
They study there mathematic, read and write.It is sadly but most of them can not read.Some of them even do not know how old they are.Some of them do not speak.
But some are real smart and talented ! We only think what they do here? This place is not for them!..

But all they are so sweet and kind! Jesus loves them so greatly! He wants they will be happy and they are special His creation. They need to know about Jesus Christ Who created them and wants they will be in the Heaven in His time and forever.
Usually we come to this orphanage with special program where is Bible story, games, songs, puppet show etc.But we wanted to do something more, have close fellowship with them, to be their friends, to know close each of them.The decision was begin Bible lessons. We prayed about it during some time.When we have been there last time, the administration did let us to have lessons with them. We were so glad and we could not wait to start it!

The administration did let us to be in small room, because floor in another rooms were dyed.When we saw this room, we thought it will be not enough place for everyone and hot. You can not be for a long time in this place where are hot and you can not breath even if window and door is open. Because of crowd kids.But we were so happy! Really!We even did not notice it. :)
Because when children saw us they were so glad!We were SHOCKED how they were HUNGRY of fellowship with us!Oh my goodness we even did not expect it!Yes, we  worried how it will work, how children will react, what we have to expect etc. But were shocked to see how they are hungry to have a fellowship with us! They were like thirsty in hot wilderness! How they were happy to see!They have smiled, did run to us, jumped, each one wanted to hug us. If they only could to touch to your hand you need to see their happy eyes!When you would to see their eyes, you saw they waited something special!

We had more than 45 kids!As we had not place in the room, many were standing in the corridor.We were amazed!
As we want to start to learn with them Bible regularly we began from the Genesis when in first chapter God created the world.
Boys love guitar!So we learned with them a song with movements about creation. They did it very well!

                                           No chairs but we had floor to sit down. :)
During the Bible story, kids have played the game.When we told them about fourth days of Creation.They needed to placed stickers of stars and planets.They did great job!

They all wanted to play!

When we finished all story of creation, they placed different stickers, animals, people, flowers etc. on other sheet of picture.
They were so glad to place stickers like they did it for the first time ever in their life!Probably?Who knows? In fact they do not have stickers and can not buy it. If they do not have parents so who will buy stickers to them?
look at this little boy how he was excited to place it!

Also we have played a game where we repeated with them and have learned days of creation again.

Also we brought to them candies.Kids were glad!
We were surprised much when oldest boys made for our team sweet wafers!Yes, it is very cheap.But we appreciate their attention and care of us.Oh, it was soooo sweet and nice from boys!

Sometimes we think we need a ton of clothes  to help orphans!Look at these small precious what they wear.

We are thankful God has blessed a little and we could to bring clothes, tee-shirts and briefs. When boys saw it.They said, it is nice!
Can anyone to help with clothes to boys and sandals?Can anyone to help orphans to wear good clothes?It can be not new but good!Thank you!May the Lord bless you!

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  1. What a wonderful blog. Thank you for all that you do. We have adopted 5 children from Ukraine-- 2 of them have special needs and we adopted 4 children from Russia. We care for the children very much! Thank you!


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