June 13, 2011

Gifts to orphans

God blessed us and we were able to visit orphans last week! It was last orphanage with graduates which we were going to visit with gifts.Also it is one of the biggest orphanages where we minister.
They had exam in this day, also they got all their documents what they will need.And in this day they all did ride to home. It was very sad to see that only 2 of parents came to take to home their children.
You may ask but they orphans, do they have parents? Most of all, yes. In Ukraine 80% social orphans. What does it mean? A child can have parents but they can be alcoholic, use drugs, or father is in jail and mother lives amoral life or parents do not want to care about their child.Each child has own sad story.Often children do not know where are their parents. Very often in this situation child stay on street or brave it out violence.
So along with alive parents these children are orphans who sometimes never did not see their parents.:(

It was a blessing for us that Misha, Director of our Ministry could to read Bible and told them last words of exhortation! We praise the Lord! It is real blessing because not in every orphanage you can do it before all administration of orphanage! It was a blessing that some teachers could to hear the Gospel and God Word too!
In this orphanage workers are situated and hungry by God word! And we are so blessed to bring the Gospel there!
In the end we presented New Testaments and special gifts to 28 child. Oh, how they were glad! They were so happy and thankful to get this gift!Also workers and teachers were surprised! They said it is posh gift! :)
Thank you very much to those who has blessed these orphans!We are so Big grateful to those who helped us to brought joy to these sweet kids and help them if only little in their needs!Thank you!!!

Several pictures
Director of BOM is reading the Bible and giving his exhortation.
After that children received their documents. Some kids were crying. You may ask why? Because many of them have not good families, they do not want go to home, it is better for them stay and live in orphanage. They afraid future, they do not have some one who will help them.Even they are 15 years old they have to learn to live absolutely alone,  they have to learn to survive  and not waiting any helping from some one in this world. :(

Here are few pictures of buildings where they spend most of their time and some rooms iside.

Usually inside of the room where they sleep are nothing except beds , one table for 8- 15 kids and broken chairs.
If you will see on the picture, the wash stand has only one faucet. They do not have hot water.If they need to wash something, they use cold water and they take shower only one time for a week.
This is the room where get into a place sick children. Until they stay here, they have nothing to play or watch or do. All they do during a day, look through the window. It is heavy and bored to be here until you are sick and has nothing in the room.
Can you imagine yourself in this room when you are sick not for 1-2 days. What if for 2 weeks or a month?What you would be do?

Children spend most of their time inside of the these buildings.Also you will not see swings for children and playground  in this orphanage. It is heavy for children do not have a place where to play.

 These buildings are very and very old.Windows and doors are worn out and have holes. It is big trouble because children are cold in winter time and they get sick often. 

We are upset and it is afflict our hearts to know how live these kids. Along with that these kids are vulnerable and lonely they have not very good facilities of condition to live.
Our dream and prayer is to help them as much as will bless the Lord. Our dream is to rebuild, will make repair inside of the buildings or will change windows and door or will do playground or ...(they have many needs). We must to do something! Please, pray God will do miracle and help us to help orphans...Thank you!

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