December 7, 2011

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Carrying out the International day of invalids is directed on December, 3rd to attention attraction to problems of invalids, protection of their advantage, the rights and well-being, on attraction of attention of a society on advantages which it receives from participation of invalids in political, social, economic and cultural life.

The purposes for the sake of which this day has been proclaimed, — full both equal observance of human rights and participation of invalids in society life. These purposes have been put in the World program of actions concerning the invalids, the accepted General Assembly in 1982.

 Children and adults with the limited possibilities, suffering an epilepsy, cripples, with cerebral palsy, with Down syndrome, autistic, blind, deaf, physically and mentally disabilities etc. are considered as invalids in Ukraine or Persons with Disabilities.

We were so blessed have been officially invited to visit an orphanage for girls with special needs which we visit regularly at this unusual day!
We didn't have a program or Bible lesson as usual. As other visitors who government officials regional (oblast`), local and regional have been invited also. But we had a wonderful day to see all girls, to hug, kiss, to communicate a little.

As the older girls very much like to embroider in this orphanage during a nap while small kids sleep at day. In the beginning the orphanage has shown to visitors of their embroidery that is one of advantages of the Ukrainian people and art. We even have a saying that each Ukrainian girl necessarily should to embroider.Hundred years ago a girl which wasn't able to embroider, couldn't marry. But today it doesn't work and remains in the past. But nevertheless some sisters from our team can embroider also. :) It brings pleasure and employment.Those who was already in Ukraine, could see hundreds and thousand embroidered products or goods anywhere and everywhere. But in this orphanage of embroidery help girls to be occupied and it helps them to calm down mentally.

Here some pictures of  embroidered products by girls. Years earlier they even could sell their products at special fairs.Aren't they wonderful?

One employee woman of this orphanage is very creative and talented and she has thought up here such a small museum of the Ukrainian life of hundred years ago.From old things and fantasy they made such very interesting museum.
 It shows how there lived people in the Ukrainian houses earlier.

The old metal iron

Wooden distaff on which did a cloth of flax. And then from these cloths sewed clothes.

 It is traditional Ukrainian drawing where necessarily there should be a girl, the river, the house, and trees a willow or a arrow-wood etc.

When we have entered into a class to see children and to communicate they were so surprised and so rejoiced!Oh, how they were happy!!! They huged and kissed us! It was so lovely!

 They were amazed and excited

 This girl showed on me and spoke all time "mammy, mammy". I was surprised and it was pleasant to me.What a wonderful blessing!

 Tanya didn't want to let go Lyuba very long and pressed to herself very strongly.She deaf but very lovely and sweet girl.

Also we could to bless orphanage by educating books and necessary writing-books.We were so blessed to deliver it to them!Teachers were excited very much by that!
We thought to give only to two groups when we will have enough money, to buy more books and writing-books and for other groups and to bring later.

But as there absolutely there are no textbooks so they have divided that into several groups.Few textbooks to each group. Teachers have been very glad and excited. All of them thanked often.

We would love to thank those who blessed us recently by huge blessing for school supplies!Thank you to bless this orphanage in their needs!Thank you from bottom and deepness of our hearts!Thank you to be such kindness and to be Jesus light in this world!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!God bless you!

After there was a meeting where government officials and the director of orphanage spoke about this especial day etc.

We were soooo much blessed to see girls and have fellowship with them!We were blessed to deliver educating books and writing-books to orphans thanks all of you!We praise God for all his blessings and mercy to us!We are so blessed to serve to children with disabilities!!! Each of them are very special and are precious gift of God!We love them and praise God for each opportunity to be with them! :) Isn`t it a blessing?

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