December 20, 2011

Joy to abandoned ones

Well.I`m very happy and finally can share with you about wonderful visit of girls in mental institution we had recently.But first I would love to thank you for return and be faithful readers and followers of blog!We appreciate it very much!

God had blessed not only successful visit to girls but provided their physical needs too.We were so happy to bring them, with what God blessed us!

People donated clothes, gloves, shoes.Also we were able to buy chemical stuff and diapers.Isn`t amazing blessing?
Administration of orphanage were very glad and thankful very much!We pray we can help more with diapers.As there are 90 girls with special needs, years of age 4-35, they have a real big need with it.They necessary about 1200-1300 diapers for a month!That is a lot!Also they have a need with overclothes, winter coats, wintery jacket etc.

Next I would like to show you photos and videos what we could do there with girls.
First we had meeting with small ones.In this room were heaviest children from this group.The others could not be with us.We were upset a little.Reason because government officials arrived at this day.
And we understood that is not good for us to go to an orphanage when there is any official, because administration, children and staff are busy and can not be with us full time.We knew it before and never did.
But probably director forgot to let us know about it when we called to him, do not know.But anyway we had a wonderful time with kiddies and they were so and so happy!They were so impressed and excited by games and especially puppet show!
But God used our coming there, I will tell you little below. :)

After singing, puppet show and Bible story, we had several games with children.Hope you are not tired yet to see and hear about Jonah. :)  We have one more orphanage where we will go with this program tomorrow.And probably it is last orphanage with this program.

Puppet show.They were excited sooo much that even a small girl began to jump.And some of them clapped up hands.I love it! Is not sweet?How they are precious and adorable!


Next we taught kiddies to pass on a toy to the next one and to spin around themselves.Nannies were very sweet and they helped us with games.When they told us that some girls can not play at this game, they understand nothing.We said that is ok, even they will touch to a toy, that will be perfect.That was interesting, who understand nothing, as nannies told us, they could to play games too.

 We try to break stereotype of staff and think about  children with special needs, by games, songs etc.That many of them understand many things.Yes, they can not do, because staff do not train them.But they are as all children, want to play, to learn, touch, try etc. 

Yes, it is not easy but we do what we can.But most we are happy to see smile and impress kids!That they will be happy and bring a joy and love to them.To bring positive emotions to them and give our hugs.Because as many of you know, children in mental institution are forgotten and abandoned for survival...

After we did catch a fish.As many of you know this game already. They did real good! Girls were excited very much by game!And they loved stickers we gave to them.

A short video

Look how she is happy!

Puppet show again

Girls were so much impressed and happy!Oh, how they enjoyed by puppets!

Several girls did not have any reaction because they are blind...It is so heavy to see it and understand you can not help...I only ask oneself and pray, Lord, how we can help?What we can do to make easier their life?What we can do they will not suffer?What we can do to give a chance to live if only little better and give a wish to live?
 I think being in this mental institution, where nobody hug or kiss you, where nobody tell you warm words, only yelling and reproaches,nobody spend time with you, someone take your hand and guide you somewhere do not explain, someone feed and wash you.You feel lonely and unwanted by sitting whole day on bench nothing  doing.It even words can not describe...I feel sometimes guilty that can not help...

In the end we could give candies and bananas to children.What a blessing was to children.

Also we could give candies and bananas to small kids who were not with us.Oh, how they were happy to see us!They had run to hug and kiss.And began to scream!It was scream of joy! :) They were excited so much!!!I even can not describe it by words! But we could not be with them for a long time because we needed to be with older girls, who waited for us.

Isn`t she cute and precious?I just want to hug her very much! :)

In next group for older girls we had all same games, song with gestures, very simple Bible story etc.And we had a wonderful time!!!

As we wanted that children take part in story too.We chose a Jonah.In group for small girls Nina helped us, such kind and smart girl.But in this group all (we know who can) girls hesitate to play a role.I would say they doubt or inadequacy than hesitate :(
So, we took Nina again.And she was happy very much to be Jonah again.She was in both groups.

We liked very much when they heard voices of sea-gull, whale and noise of the sea during story.They were soooo quiet and listened VERY attentively.It was such amazing and wonderful moment!!!

Here is a game where we taught them to pass a toy.

And the next game :)

Oh, how were happy girls when they hooked fish!It was something!
Olga is happy by her stickers.

Here we sing a song about Jonah with gestures.They like it!
Nina our helper, so sweet girl, she loved so much this song and to be with us that she tried to sing it and did not want to leave us.She is in the end of video in pink sweater.What a lovely girl.She is so kind, communicative and smart.We were amazed to see her ability.If I could, I would take her to home.But she is 18 years old.

During our time with older girls we had a blessing.We were going to one more group of kids.But director came into group and asked us to sing more songs.It was blessing that government officials could hear Gospel songs until they were there! Wow! Isn`t amazing officials could to hear about Jesus through songs?

In the end we gave chocolate candies and bananas to girls too.

It sadly was to hear that several more girls were transfered here.It is so and so sad and heartbreaking to know and see it...

But in same time, we had amazing and blessed time!We praise God!We would love to thank you very much for prayers!We are sure God bless us because many of you pray and lift up your hands of prayer and your hearts to Jesus and ask Him to help!Thank you!Just thank you to be blessing for us!
We very hope very soon to visit them again but it after New Year.


  1. Praise God for your ministry to these kids! We brought home 2 from UA and we were very sad to leave so many behind. God bless!

  2. Thank you!
    What a joy that 2 kids are not orphans any more!Yes, it is sadly...But here many of those who need a loving family.

  3. It is beautiful to see the girls responding to the songs and games. I think you are giving them just what they need.

    I noticed Nina in the first video. She is so full of life and enthusiasm!

  4. Thank you, Lily!We need a wisdom often how to work with them.

    Yes, Nina such sweet girl.I often think and pray for her.I feel so helpless that can not help her...


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