December 26, 2011

Having visited them and having shared our love

Last week we could visit an orphanage where have been recently and we were invited for their special holiday.As now is season of holidays in Ukraine and in whole world too. :)
We were very happy to see these sweethearts and have shared our love with them.They had songs, poems, theater play, etc.You could see how children worried because in hall was a big crowd.But they did it very well!

In the end of program when director of orphanage told to children that we came to see them(most of them did not know we came and we were sitting in the end of hall), hall had vivified and buzz began there and they all began to clap up hands.They were excited to see us!It was such blessing!

When director of BOM had let them know we will not have program as every time,so kids were upset.So, we did not have program because was not time for it, they needed to go for dinner.But director of BOM, brother Misha could speak some and share the Gospel a little.

In the end we could to give them packing of candies.It was such a blessing for kids!God has blessed us and we could to share this blessing with over 190 orphans!We had 4 full boxes of candies!Wow!

What a blessing was for our sweet little friends!
We were so happy to see these sweet kids and give them our hugs and having shared our love!Children were happy not smaller than we to see us.

We learned that several kids are at hospital.As this hospital is in other city but it`s not far from this orphanage, we wanted to give our love and hugs to those who lonely and think they are forgotten by all.Do you know when orphans are at hospital nobody visits them? :(

When we saw them they had let us know that have no toys to play, no books to read etc.And they feel bored there and want to home.A sweet one Vova even weeped , he wanted to see his grandmother and a nurse could not comfort him.She told us that.We were sorry to see them in these conditions.Think only moment, you are sick, nobody visit you, you have nothing in hospital room, only beds and several sick on them and you feel lonely and bored.Nobody visit you while you there, nobody bring you something, no tell you warm words and no give hugs.It`s very sadly. :(
But in little later Vova laughed.We gave presents to boys from Jesus.Did they were glad?Absolutely!!!

Vova liked box from candies and he asked to give it to play.

While we spent time with boys, they felt so well that even began to play with brother Misha :)
When we said goodbye, boys looked happy and excited.We were glad to see their smiles and joy on faces.
It was sadly to leave them there...We can only pray for them that God will keep them in his hands, to care about their needs,will heal them and protect from evil.

We came back to home late but were sooo blessed to visit orphans and having shared with them our love and Jesus love.

Very soon I`m going to share with you one more very special blessing!Thank you for coming back here!Blessings! :)

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