July 12, 2011

Second Bible lesson in special orphanage

I would like to share with you our  journey last week to special orphanage for boys that to have second Bible study. We are really exciting administration of orphanage let us come there and have regular meeting with these sweet kids! We thankful to the Lord for that!
Here are boys with oligophrenia, mental retardation, Down syndrome, autism etc.
Each time you come, each time you learn and find out more about kids, their mental needs, ability, skills, cleverness, other word all their needs.

And this time we have learned about boys little more than last time.We were upset when we saw many of them could not color simple things, and could not scissor out, when we made a craft. When we have learned with them very simple Bible verse they could not repeat, even most of them  speak. Also many do not know numbers, letters, etc. It is not because they do not have education here. They learn here very simple things, learn to read, write, mathematic etc. Most of problem because teachers do not have education how to work with children special needs.And also it is difficult  for 1 teacher when in class many kids, who necessary individual access and attention.
Ukraine only begins to do something that will develop kids with special needs and they will have any education. It will take a lot of years!

 But I would like to consider here each orphanage or mental institution is different! Many orphanages divide to several kinds: normal kids, a little bit mental retarding, deep mental retarding and different special needs, real deep mental retarding and other special needs.It is mental institutions, where are kids hopeless and they do not have education.

It was heavy a little bit for us in this time. Also the room is very small and the administration let us know we will use a room same size to the end of the summer. That is not problem, we are glad we can come to boys. We understood we will need to do a HUGE work here! We understand very well that many things we can not change but we will do what we can. We will try to do if only a little bit that children will develop and receive if only a little skills.

Any way we had very good time with kids!We took smallest boys but older boys came into class too. Children excited much of games and crafts.It look like they did it for the first time ever in their life! They sing very well songs with movements and they rejoiced by it!
When we helped them with crafts, some boys were so excited oh my goodness!They could not wait until we finish with it! They were so much impressed! They so much loved it!  

                                  The game about Creation.
                                                 Next game with ball

                           A little our puppet show, scene about sin.
We told them about Adam and Eve about first sin they did in Eden garden etc.
During Bible story we used a voice of devil( serpent) on tape recorder, when he tempted of Eve. It was fun to observe their reaction of that!

  We have played next game. Children had to find where is bad and good tree.Boys were choosing a word with number they wanted and needed to find same number of this word.I think it was good here to repeat numbers for them and read for those who can read.
The words were what we should to do( love, forgive etc) and what we should not do(bad words, steal, fight etc).              

In the end of the meeting we gave aircrafts to boys.You need to see their eyes!Oh, my goodness how they were glad!We did not expect that!
It was very simple to make it.But they could not.So, sisters helped boys to make their aircrafts.

Even older boys were rejoicing and excited by that!All boys were so much impressed and happy!

We were so blessed  having time with boys!We need much prayers and wisdom to conduct Bible lessons to them, keep in mind their special needs.Sometimes it is real heavy because they all are different.Please, pray God will give us wisdom and everything necessary to help these poor children! Thank you!

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