July 22, 2011


This week we could to visit special orphanage for girls and had Bible lesson.This time was unusual than we have all time with them. Because we had 2 groups of children older and smaller.  We wanted all children could to be with us in this time. We had full class about 45-50 kids! We really excited by it! And were so glad to see with us smallest kids!They are so sweet!
But it was very heavy for us because at class were noise little. Older girls did not perceive smaller, they did not want to give them their place to sit.We made sure certainly that we need divide them to 2 groups, because of the age too. Next time we are going to do that, will divide to two groups and have Bible time in one time.We just afraid will start.We pray about it and think for a long time that all girls of orphanage can be on Bible lesson. I think we can do that.Most of all problem is for us, we have not enough people who can help us during this time.

When we have special program for all orphanage it is not problem.But when they together in class, it is heavy for us and for them too.

Also unusual was that Annya could to be with us in this time too!What a blessing we had! She was so glad to be with us!She could not be before, because of her old wheelchair which she could not use. Next times Annya can be with us every time! Praise the Lord!
I would like to mention here about Annya again that she is much happy by her new wheelchair!It is comfortable for her, easy to use, not heavy etc. She was thanked again for that!

But even with little inconveniences we had very good time with kids!In the beginning we gave presents to children and congratulated with their Birthday.They were so glad to receive it!
During lesson we told to them Bible story about life Jacob in his uncle laban.Genesis 28-33.We showed to kids a little puppet show, have played different games, learned a new song and Bible verse.Also in the end had craft.

And this time i decided to post unusually too, not pictures as all time but video what we did during our time with kids. :) Enjoy!

Also unusually was for us an one employer helped us during lesson.We were so glad by that! She is very sweet lady and excited to help us during this time.She asked us come back and come there more often!We were blessed by that!

All kids were so impressed and glad of the time we had! We rejoicing these blessings!

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  1. Sounds like a good visit, but busy! It is wonderful that you are able to minister to more children. How nice that one of the workers joined in and helped! Love the pictures. Such sweet children.


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