July 1, 2011

A meeting with precious cuties with special needs

Well, we have another blessing!Yesterday we had a  blessed journey of visiting orphans.It was long day but blessed by the Lord!We are so exciting by this amazing and wonderful day!
Last week every day we had rain but yesterday the sun came out finally and the weather was nice!

We were able to visit small orphans with special needs.It is one of the biggest orphanage we visit.But all other orphans are in camp what is close to this area where is orphanage.

A little bit about this orphanage. Here are small kids age 3-10 years old. They live, eat and sleep in separate buildings.When they get age of 8-10 they go to study in same orphanage but in different buildings.If the administration of orphanage see these kids can not educate, they transfer them to special orphanages, girls where are only girls and boys where are only boys.There they learn only read, write and mathematic.But many of them can not do it, read, write and etc.

But if administration of this orphanage see children can educate, they stay and live in same orphanage.

So, these small kids with special needs are like little part or children`s house of big orphanage. There are 22 kids now.They all transfer from 2 babies houses we have in our region.When mothers leave them after their birth, they live in baby house 2-3 years and after that they can be transfer to this children`s house.Here orphans only with special needs. They all can be adopted!
When we just arrived to the orphanage, children saw us and did run directly to us.They were standing around us, everyone wanted attention to them.You could hear:"mommy", "candy", "toy" and etc. Some of them wanted you take them on your hands.Some of them interrupted other kids and try to tell you something.Many of them call "mommy" all ladies they see.Ah,they all are so sweet!We were so impressed to see them all and how they are precious and darlings!

We have spent time with them in nice room where they usually play.
During the program they were so attentive and exciting by everything we do with them! We  even did not expect they will be so happy and exciting by this all! They all are so so cute and sweet! You want to hug much all of them in one time!
                                            Exciting by puppet show!
                                  Look at them how they are cutie!
Children liked so much puppet show that they asked us for more songs!We were amazed!
Learning a song with movements.They all did great job!They LOVE this song!

                           The Bible story about Daniel in lion den.

Children were such impressed and amazed by lions! They said WOW! They are so big! They are innocence perfect!

                      Children have played, burst of balloons.So much happy by it!

                             So much funny and sooooo cute!

Next game "Pin the tail on the lion" .They excited by this game too!

                                            Candies to orphans
                              Look at this boy how he is glad by his candy!
We remember about caretakers also and giving to them of Christian literature, gospel tracts and etc.
 Here children happy and exciting by soapy bubbles!We bought to them soapy bubbles and decided to play with them.Oh, my goodness they were sooooo impressed we even did not expect they will react by this way! Oh, how they were glad by it!

                                                       Sooooo happy!

                      All kiddies wanted attention by different ways!
So much happy, impressed and amazed we did ride to visit other orphans who are from same orphanage but in summer camp!
We were so glad to see these precious and dear kids! We are so glad we could make if only a little bit their day different from other days!What the mighty and amazing God we serve! How the great His mercy is to us! We are so blessed and happy to serve Him!
It is sad and heartbreaking but as in every orphanage this orphanage has needs also.There are a lot of them.
 Our wish is to help them to have a new playground.Look at this horrible place! It is sad that children do not have a place where to play.

 These all swings are very and very old, broken and worn out. It is dangerously to play for children there! Children LOVE these swings much!These 2 precious boys wanted to play there.But caretaker did not let them because it is dangerously and it can fall down in any time and bring a trouble and damage to a child.

There are 2 playgrounds because the orphanage is very big.But we think if we will help them even with one of that, it will bring much happiness, joy and blessings to kids! We need a miracle from the Lord to help these sweet orphans!PLEASE, pray God will help us to do it!

Leaving behind us these cuties we went to see other orphans in summer camp. It was a sad to leave them here.They all waved their hands and did cry that we come back soon! We pray God will bless and we will see them again very soon!

These beautiful girls are orphans which we were able visited in summer camp.All kids from the orphanage they are about 170 children are in this place.
Girls were surprised to see us!
We did not see all of children because we came here to ask for permit to come here next week with special program to children.The administration of camp did let us do it with pleasure. They remember us very well. We come here every summer when orphans are here.
We left Gospel tracts to girls and our cell phones.Of course orphans can not call to cell phones but they want to have anything from you just to know and remember you.They are amazing and so sincere!They do not have attention in so many ways!They all need a mother!

They let us know that they feel bored here and often do not know what to do.It is not surprise! We did not see here no one game and NOTHING for development and fun time to children. They have nothing in their room except 6 beds in one small room, one bed-side table for 6 persons and a cabinet for clothes. They do not have hot water and in 8.00pm even cold water intercept every day.
Often orphans run away from here because they feel bored.
We think to buy several football balls, badmintons and other sport games.We can present it to them, to make busy and just have fun time.We necessary if only $100 for that.Can you please, to help?We have only several days. In 4-5 days we are going to visit them again, if God`s will.Thank you!

           In this building we are going to have a program next time.

This is the way how children dry their clothes if nice weather.
This camp is in forest and we were coming back through villages.Here are several pictures of Ukrainian villages. :)

                                         Mud after rain, village roads


Every region is different, depends where it is locate.In this region all buildings are from orange bricks because in city close is bricks factory.

And in the end of our traveling we could to visit one sister in Christ (grandmother) and have fellowship with her.Ukrainian people has own tradition and culture to be warmly welcoming and feed guests.Even you have a little food and reside modest but you have to take out your food you have and will feed guests they feel good.Very often ukrainians eat potatoes any kind, fried or boiled and something more. Grandmother fed us, it was real good! We praised the Lord for that because we were hungry after many traveling! :) It was real blessing from the Lord!
All Christians do that! Like Abraham fed Angels.Genesis 18:1-8

So, full of blessings and happy we came back to home!

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