July 8, 2011

Huge blessing and amazing time with orphans!

Well.Here i`m going to share with you the next blessing we had yesterday.As i told you before, we were going to visit orphans in summer camp.
 Yes, we has done it!We had such blessed journey! Thank you each one for prayers!It is something incredible what God has done yesterday and how He has blessed!

So, what we have done in camp with orphans?
We brought to them the Gospel. The good message, that says how God loves, cares about them and wants to save from the hell and give eternal life in the Heaven.

                       During the program we had puppet show for smallest kids.

                             We sang several songs with children.They liked them!

We had object lesson.We have kept a balloon above fire. It did not burst, because the water inside of the balloon kept from it.We explained to kids.The same way water is like the faith in Jesus Christ, fire is like fire in the hell. How water inside helps to keep balloon from burst and burn.Same  way is our faith in Jesus Christ saves us from the fire in hell.
After that we told a Bible story to children about 3 men whom God saved from  burning fiery furnace.Daniel 3
      Kids loved this story and some of them helped us!They enjoying of it!

Also we explained to children that God can and wants to save them from fiery furnace, it is like hell. And He can save us from different troubles in our life(they have a lot), what sometimes are same like fire for us. God can save if we will be faithful to Him like these 3 men and etc.
During the program we had fun time also and we have played games with them.They all wanted to play!
They were so excited by it!We had wonderful fun time with children!
                                              Game with balloon

Here is the game to learn a Bible verse. The 2 teams needed take off paper bricks from sheets.The team who first will open a Bible verse, do victory.

But most of all we all were so amazed and shocked when Director of BOM and pastor Misha did invitation, about 25 orphans asked Jesus Christ to saved them! Oh my goodness we did not expect it! It is amazing and great!!! Our Lord such good, mercy and mighty God! We are overwhelmed and shocked! Do not have words...
All Heavens was moved and Angels rejoiced and sang and praised the Lord in this time! What a HUGE blessing we have! We are sooooooooooo glad!
"I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance." Luke 15:7
Sasha prayed with boys and counseled them how to live Christian life.
                                      Oksana prayed with girls

When we needed to go,children did not want to leave this place and wanted to fellowship with us.
 But we were hurried because we needed go to Annya, bring a wheelchair to her and see orphans in this orphanage.This special orphanage for girls is far away a little bit and we needed to go, because staff work before 5.00 pm and we did not have the time to be more with kids here.
We told goodbye many times to kids but they were still here.Sasha and Misha gave last instructions to orphans.
Untill we had fellowship with kids, the other were writing words on our van.The van was dirty because of the rain in the morning and dust on roads. On the right side of the door it says "God loves you". On the left side "God loves people". I think it is good testimony for drivers behind us on the roads. :)

                      Pastor Misha gave Gospel tracts to children.

                                                    Reading the Gospel tracts
Children asked us books or any Christian literature to them.We are not able help them with it. It would be great blessing if someone will helps us with Christian literature, little books, Bibles to kids! Please, can you help us with it? Is not it a blessing orphans want to know more about Jesus? We pray God will provide this need to orphans too.
This is what love orphans, just hugs, love and attention. How is sweet!They do not have that someone do it for them. :(

                                        Kids still did not want to leave us. :)
This time we have learned more their needs and it is more heartbreaking and sad... As i told you before they often feel bored here . They suffer of that, because children do not have any toys, games, nothing to play.They do not know often what to do...
Also children undernourished often. Even they eat here 4 times a day, they still hungry often.Probably it is a little food they get here. Fruits they almost do not eat.If they get a banana, it is half of that or  even a third part.They do not have hot water to wash clothes or take shower.

Their clothes is worn out much, shoes broken or too big size. They do not have change clothes. They are lonely, suffer and afflicted. All this is horrible and heartbreaking!.. :(((

Because of that children run away from the camp.If children run away, the police catch them sometimes in other cities of Ukraine far away, even in Russia. Children like to "travel".
Often children bring any disease, they hungry, dirty, they steal different things because of hungry, clothes, shoes and etc. and can get in any trouble.They street kids in this time.
So, next time we want to help if only a little to bring sport games, different things to make them busy, will save them from troubles and bring a joy and blessing from the Lord. Also bring to them fruits, bananas, oranges and maybe something more.But WE NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE! We can provide all these needs only with your helping! Please, can you help these afflicting and suffering orphans? It would be good if someone will help with clothes and shoes to send them.These kids will be in this camp to the end of summer.

Ok. It is not the end yet!We have one more blessing! Coming back  from special orphanage to girls where we brought huge blessing to Annya(yesterday), we visited one sister in Christ. In this time Lyuba(member of BOM team) began to witness to a grandmother on the street. Pastor Misha finished it and when he gave the invitation, she asked Jesus Christ to save her from the hell.
Grandmother asked us to help her with a Christian literature to read  and learn more about God! WOW! What a blessing!Praise the Lord!

So, we had amazing and great day yesterday! It is  incredible how  God has blessed us! We are so rejoicing these blessings, wheelchair to Annya, amazing and wonderful time with orphans in camp, about 25 saved orphans and one more soul-grandmother! It is fantastic, great and wonderful!

"Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." Luke 15:10


  1. Praise God! He is so good to answer our prayers.

    Thank you for all the work you do to bring Jesus to those who need Him.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011

    What a blessed day!!!! Thank you for being a light to these children. We love and pray for you all! Courtney


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