July 31, 2011

Blessing time with orphans

I would like to share with you one more blessing we have. last week we could to visit special orphanage for boys and had Bible lesson with them again.
When we just came into the room, children were so much happy and impressed to see us. That they took our hands and  fastened sooooo much! They jumped and were so much excited!We were glad to see their smiles and happy faces!What a blessing to see happy kids!

Our goal is come to small boys and we invite older boys too.Of course they come in  on too, because they do not have enough attention here and just human love. Many of them are like small boys, think, play etc. You can see difference between them only their hight and age.
And we happy to see everyone who wants to hear and know about Jesus. Is not it blessing? This time we had a wonderful time with boys!

In the beginning of our meeting, after prayer, we sang several songs with movements with them. They do it real good!
                                                     I like this one song

After that we congratulated kids, who had Birthday.This time, we had only one Andrew.Andrew has Down Syndrome.His parents left him in hospital when he just was born. Poor boy. :(

After that we had object lesson about fruits and vegetables.Some fruits have seeds inside, some no.Some have good seeds, some have not good etc.
Question was what seeds of our heart we have inside, good or bad, sleepy? God wants we have good seeds of our heart, what is pleasure for Him and brings glory and praise to Him.

After that we gave to them several kind of fruits: plums, bananas, apples and nectarines.They were excited and glad to get it!

And it was our mistake we gave them fruits before Bible story.Children were so much impressed that we could not catch their attention during some time. :) We think probably we should gave them fruits after Bible story. But that is not big problem.We were glad, children excited their fruits!

We told them Bible story about Cain and Abel. Abel had not good seeds of his heart before the Lord that is why he murdered his brother.

Boys liked pictures so much that we showed to each them. They said wow when they saw pictures. Really, it was look like they saw colored pictures first time in their lives!

Also we have played game with them. Boys should to choose nut they wanted and will open it.The nuts were with surprises! Inside were question about Bible story they just heard.Questions we placed inside before and glued nuts. Boys excited so much this game!

Next game we learned with them Bible verse. Boys placed different fruits on blackboard, where were written words of verse.They so much wanted to play, that we were lost whom chose! We did choice kids, who did not play yet.Some boys took offence at us. :)
                        Is not he cute! Vova is sweet and smart boy.

        In the end of lesson kids did craft, basket with fruits inside.
           Look at these precious faces! Are not they cute?
Some boys need to help as all time, who can not color or scissor out.
Can you believe this boy is more than 24 years old? Look at him, how he is exciting his craft!
As i told you above, older boys here are like small children, happy to do or recieve any small thing.

Look at him! How he is happy that he did this craft.It is incredible!

At this time we noticed, boys change little by little. Often boys beat one other, call bad names, hit one other etc. We teach them, it is wrong, you have to be kind to each one, do not say bad words etc.We know it will take time and we pray for them, God will change their hearts and behaviour.

At this time we were surprised, when some boys taught other about good behaviour, also some boys told sweet words to other, behaviour some boys were better than all time.We were glad to see and hear it! Really we did not expect that! It is blessing for us to see how boys are changing just during several meetings!WOW!

Please, pray for them. Also we pray that it will be good testimony to caretakers and other workers, how God`s word ability to change hearts and lives of these abandoned and poor kids. Thank you! Blessings to you!

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