May 10, 2011

Long day

We have been so busy last days!
Last Saturday we had long day, because we were able to visit 2 orphanages.One of them we could not visit on Friday as usually we do.We decided to visit next day Saturday.So, one orphanage what we visit every Friday plus next orphanage which we visit every Saturday and we had long busy day.
 Was it hard?Yes!But we are thankful very much to the Lord He gave us strength and boldness to do His work! So, we tired not so much.We were glad of it!

Part 1

 In the beginning we have been in K. orphanage and had Bible lesson there.
When we came there children got together fast.Do you know what? They asked us: "Why you did not come yesterday,(Friday) we waited  for you?" Really, it is so big blessing to know, children are waiting for you!

One more thing.When we visited orphans in mental institution last Friday.A teacher from K. called to us and asked, will we come today?(It was Friday) We said no, because we are in another orphanage.Also we know children went on holidays for a week or 10 days and they have to be in orphanage on Monday.The teacher told us. "Yes, it is right but they all came back to orphanage from their homes because they know you will come on Friday.And now they are sitting in class and waiting for you."
 Really we were surprised and shocked!Children came back from their homes in orphanage 2 days earlier that to be on Bible lesson!WOW!
Sometimes we feel as though we tear up on many parts!We want to be everywhere, in every orphanage in one time. :)

         Oksana was preparing everything for lesson in class.
Sometimes we do not have enough place and chairs, children have to sit on floor.In this orphanage classes are very small, not enough place for games and another discomforts.But we are happy to be together!
At this day we have learned 10 commandments.Before the Bible story how God gave Commandments to Israel we learned road markings.
These rules we have to know and execute in our life.If we contravene it we can have a trouble. Same is with 10 commandments which God gave to Israel.When they have broken it, God  punished them. Same is in our life.If we contravene God`s law, He punish us etc.
After that children could to hear a Bible story.How God gave commandments to Moses on mountain Sinai. Exodus 20
 During a lesson we have played a game.We printed a small pictures of 10 commandments, rolled it up, and inserted it into 10 balloons. Children had throw a ball into a bucket. If they got the ball in the bucket, they took one of the balloons and burst it up to get a picture of commandment out. The kids found it quite so exciting!
It was so funny to observe how they tried different ways to burst a balloon up!
This way(game) we learned commandments with children that they will be interesting for them not bored, because commandments are many.

After that we have played one more game.
We divided all class to two teams(children who did not play yet).They grabed small pictures of commandments from one place of the room to carry over to another place by plastic straw.
They loved this game as children love to be in competition with between themselves.
And in the end we made craft, Moses with 10 commandments.Michail, director of BOM loves to help kids make crafts.Children love it much!
At this time we could to use wood sticks which God blessed us.We are so glad! Children have never seen it, they were interesting to use it for craft.Grateful to those who has blessed children with it!
Also kids noticed we brought to them new pencils.They were glad much and rejoicing  to use new one.We are thankful to those who blessed kids by new pencils!
                                        Merely enjoying of craft. :)

We all were so glad of our meeting, children even did not want to leave the class when a teacher called them.
We are very and very happy could to see them again!We are very glad we can tell these   precious and adorable kids about God and His word!We are so blessed to have this opportunity!And we are sooo grateful to the Lord for His mercy and kindness to us!

Continuation follows in the next post of our Long Day.Thanks for time which you have spent to read it!Hope it brought to you a blessing! :)

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