May 10, 2011

Long day (part2)

This post is continuation of our long and blessed day which we had last Saturday.:)

Part 2

So, after we finished Bible lesson in first orphanage, we jumped into the van and have gone to another orphanage where kids were waiting too!
When we came to the class was very cold!Because the weather was chilly.We noticed,when we touched to children`s hands, they were cold. We became cold  little bit too.
But even we cold a little we had a blessed time we had with them!
In the beginning our meeting  we prayed.
                                          After  we sang with children.
  Then we had object lesson.
It was a game.Boys needed to drink a milk.Who will drink milk first, win.It was very funny when most of children yelled up  for one boy but had win other boy.
You may ask, why they have to drink milk but not water or something else?
Well, on this lesson we told them about little Moses.We thought it will be good for kids to know a little bit about babies.They can not eat meat, they need milk.Mother has to care, feed, protect etc. her baby. We have talked how God protected and saved a baby Moses.

 Yes, these children grow most of their time not in their families.Some things they know, some do not know how to be in family, to be lovely, be protected, have enough food etc.But we have to teach them what we can, do not hidden the truth.We have to teach what Bible says.Sometimes it is really hard that will not hurt their hearts.We try to be careful as much we can.We need wisdom all time.

After the game children could to hear a Bible story how God saved baby Moses by pharaoh daughter.
 Here girls have played daughters of pharaohs and mothers of Moses.Mothers have hidden dolls(babies Moses). Daughters of pharaohs had to find babies.We took several girls for this game.
                                                         Our little princess.

Here we have played a game to find out a Bible verse.

We wrote each word of the verse on a small size sheet of paper, rolled it up, and inserted it into a balloon. Children bursted up the balloon with the paper inside.It was same game as we played today in Korostishev. We only inserted Bible verse into balloons.
Oh, how they were glad of this game!
Each of kid tried to burst up balloon by different ways.It was very funny! Here is a short video of small boy.Is not he adorable?

When children have burst up all balloons and have found words of verse.We could to learn this Bible verse."The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul." Psalm 121:7

Orphans do not have Bibles.It is very sad...Our dream is to present to them Children`s Bibles with pictures.It will help them better to remember Bible stories what they heard, read and to know more about Lord.

Here we showing to them what Bible verse we learned, where it is in Bible.
One more game.We divided all class to two teams.A child had to hand over basket with baby Moses to next child. The river Nill was their hands.
The mess because of crafts.:)Children made a craft, baby Moses in basket.

We came back to our homes late but happy!Yes, we  tired a little but not so much.We were glad!We were glad to see these sweet and adorable kids!We were glad spend time with them and tell about God!We were glad they have desire to hear and to know more about our Lord!We were glad to see each of them!We were glad for opportunity to visit them!

And we are so grateful to the Lord for long and blessed day we had!

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  1. Just imagine the seeds that you are planting!!! What God will do with those seeds! He will reward your obedience. God bless you are in our prayers constantly!
    Love, Courtney


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